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"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges." ~ Joseph Fort Newton

Video: 🙏🏽✨ @pj.85 | Pontus Jansson

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Thanks to @nickschifrin for his latest Clinton School program, "Unwrapping the Russian Riddle." #BuildingBridges

Rosewood back being glued to the sides. 12 guitars in the mix today. #buildingbridges #texasguitar #handmadeguitars

Мы живём как Романовы. @nsliy #nsliyrussia #funfriday #buildingbridges #nsliy

North-South Centre of the Council of Europe tarafından hayata geçirilen 'Gençlik ve Kalkınma Üniversitesi' (University of Youth and Development) bu sene 'Küresel Kimlik Geliştirme' gündemi ile açıldı. Üniversite kapsamında Dypall Network tarafından yürütülen 'Gençlerin Yerelde Karar Alma Mekanizmalarına Katılımı - Ortaklık Geliştirme' programına #HabitatDerneği olarak katılım sağlıyoruz.

#habitatheryerde #sahada20yıl #spain #uyd2017 #developingglobalidentities #buildingbridges

ended raya this year with a bang !! 🎊✨💕

A collaboration and exploration with musicians from all over the world. Music bridges gaps and brings people together. 🙌🏻 #buildingbridges


Still wonder how i keep my skin so soft and glowing.. Stay tuned. My Organic Skincare line Is coming soon.. Please contact me with serious inquires. Thank you so much! 🐛🍃🌵🌞 #buildingbridges #beautyandbrains #educate #ssjbeauty #skin #phxskin #healthyskinfromwithin #invest #lookingforamentor #naturalbeauty #nutrition #nursing

Rosewood back being glued to the sides. 12 guitars in the mix today. #buildingbridges #texasguitar #handmadeguitars

Thursday night is Victory Over Violence: Impact of Crime on Education. Starts at 7 p.m. in Sturgis Hall. #BuildingBridges

Strengthen all that is true and beautiful within. You can't go wrong. 👌

And thank you to everyone who saw my last post and commented with your true feelings. I will reply to every comment as soon as I am able to. I really should be sleeping but I'm super charged for the week long @oneheartribe Bali retreat I'm co-hosting tomorrow and it's so late/early that it's actually now today! 🙏

On a serious note... being raised by a single mother and witnessing the suffering our family went through, including the aftermath of my sister's rape and subsequent suicide, taught me a few things about life and the damage the unconscious masculine will do if it is given free reign to. ✋

Whether we are a man or a woman or something in between, we must do our best to not allow the unconscious masculine to act through us or upon anyone in are sphere of influence. We do this by sharing our shadow in safe spaces because we're only as sick as our secrets, healing ourselves, supporting others in their healing processes, and cultivating all that is true and beautiful, both within and without. 🙏

Life is precious. Love it so deeply that it's strong enough to overcome even the greatest horrors! I love you all! I'm so grateful for the grace of the Most High God who literally answered my prayer and saved me from the unconscious masculine I was which wanted to extinguish the divine spark within me and within others. True story.🔥 Shout out to all you resilient, authentic, beautiful cosmic beings who know what the fuck is up and aren't too ego to show your love and support! I AM ALIVE and I'm here to build bridges to the New Paradigm! Who's with me? 🙋‍♂️💛🙋‍♀️ #IAMthatIAM #NewParadigm #BuildingBridges

Meet @fitobonilla, Director of Department of Agriculture in #Zacatecas, with whom #KimoSabeMezcal has partnered in establishing the #BuildingBridges Program in #Mexico.
Building Bridges focuses on giving farmers agave seedlings, educating them how to grow them sustainably and organically, &, most importantly, guaranteeing them a promise of purchase for their agaves. #KimoSabe means #TrustedFriend

The Family brothers from another mother #buildingbridges #fitfam #outangling #holidaymode #livingagain #bulkmode #instafam #insta #i #us #love #gymkeepsmehappy
I will aim to be the best me I have ever been .. being around loved ones makes you realise how great you really are..this is why you should be around people that lift you. We are all equal

Join us for this years Cary Unity Walk on Saturday, November 11 to help strengthen and unify the diversity in our community! S/O to my brother and Cary Unity Walk Founder, Jimmy Clemmons for creating this much needed platform to express & experience Diversity & Inclusion in such a meaningful way! Register today! #CaryUnityWalk #CaryNC #CaryPD #Diversity #Inclusion #Unity #BuildingCommunity #BuildingTrust #BuildingBelievers #BuildingBridges

A collaboration and exploration with musicians from all over the world. Music bridges gaps and brings people together. 🙌🏻 #buildingbridges

How will you experience @artprize? Stop into our neighborhood and check it out! Great things to do and know about are happening on and around Grandville Ave 💗#buildingbridges #community #art

***Partnership Building Activity in Spagna***
DIARIO DEL GIORNO DEL PROGETTO Dypall Network "Building bridges to enhance youth participation at local level in Mediterranean countries"

Giorno 3 - Ecco il resoconto dal vivo racconto dei nostri Giovanni Viscardi del Forum dei Giovani Caposele e Alessia Lavorante del Forum dei Giovani Ercolano. "Continuano le attivita nell'ambito della PBA. Oggi abbiamo trattato il concetto di partecipazione sociale e politica a livello locale e globale, confrontando le diverse esigenze e opportunità delle le nazioni coinvolte. Abbiamo inoltre avuto modo di condividere il nostro modello partecipativo di Forum Regionale dei Giovani - Campania e dei #Forum locali, mettendone in evidenza peculiarità e potenzialità.
Nel pomeriggio invece, tra i diversi workshop proposti, abbiamo preso parte ad un incontro sulla "#GenderIdentity" con dei rappresentanti della comunità #LBGT.
...e siamo solo al secondo giorno di questa intensa settimana!" Avanti così, ragazzi. Continuiamo a seguirvi, teneteci aggiornati! :) #BuildingBridges
#UYD #UYD2017 #GlobalYouth
Global YOUth - North-South Centre of the Council of Europe


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