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woke up to the cutest breakfast in bed at @scottriverlodge 😍 see my story for more of #scottriverlodge

📷 When you got a client that knows how to use a camera, you can get a great picture for yourself as well. Thank you @_zagrebelnaya_ ;)
Yesterday I had a session in the one of the most beautiful places in California.
I love Point Reyes and I'm ready to come back here endless amount of time. 🌿🌊
The softest tank top from @threadtank 👕

Their thoughts are a strange ocean to you

QOTD: How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza? 🍕🍍

We Never Have To Leave This Light
- - -
Comfort zones and a sound sense of security exist all around us. We enjoy what is expected, normal, and guaranteed -- specifically pertaining to each of our lives. Breaking out of these zones can be terrifying, but can offer us new perspectives and potential growth. My new friend, @bby.ham, said she hadn't modeled before but she stepped in front of the camera and did an absolutely stellar job. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Break down your mental barriers. You deserve to shine bright.

yours, forever and always.

Tell me, what's your November?


These two really are everything! 💗

@julianarebeca__ 's face makes for the best close-ups 😍

Making the infinity symbol because we will love each other forever! 💕♾
Toy credit: the wonderful @highland_hounds

just another picture of rebecca to add to the thousands of her on ig 🤷🏼‍♀️

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