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If I suck in and flex and twist a lil, you can see some definition (Instagram).
Ok but hell no, that’s so uncomfortable 😣. Just let it... out, phew that feels sooo much better (reality)
I took these pics this morning upon waking and wanted to shed a spotlight upon “feeling uncomfortable in our own skin.” .
Whenever I get my period I bloat for an entire week prior and have numerous pms symptoms (i.e. achy back, swollen stomach, bigger boobs, tummy aches, cravings...) the list goes on. .

Some may think this post gives too much info but I’ll tell ya what... I am always asking my girl friends if they have similar symptoms as me because heck, it’s so uncomfortable 😭. I’m sharing this with you all in hopes that you come to realize we ALL struggle with these bodily symptoms. Some of us are blessed to not have pms symptoms and girl, more power to you! But I used to get so upset with my body this time of month but more recently, I’ve come to accept this part of my life. It’s only natural for my body to act this way so one day, I’ll be able to carry a child of my own and for that I am thankful.
Please don’t be so hard on yourself 🙏🏼.
Regardless of bloating or not, you are YOU which means you’re still beautiful and worthy.
You have to remind yourself that this goes away with time. And that it won’t last forever.
Next time you’re experiencing bloating or feeling like you’ve lost physical progress, remind yourself that we all experience times where we feel uncomfortable in our own skin. And it’s just life ☺️. It’ll go away in a few days and it doesn’t change the fact that you are absolutely
important and
So next time, don’t beat yourself up ❤️ #selflovesunday #instavsreality #twosecondtransformation #bodypositive

Ps - sorry men, I’m sure you don’t care to hear this 🤷🏼‍♀️ but my girls out there this is for you 😘!!

.. don’t try find yourself .. create yourself xx

Good Morning ❤️🙏🏽

Stag and doe costume party tonight 🙆🏼🙆🏼‍♂️ best thing about wearing a hat- it makes it way easier to do your hair 😋. #halloweencostumes #halloweenfun

Big, big booty, what you got a big booty
You’re gorgeous
I mean you’re fine
You’re sexy
But most of all
You are just absolutely booty-full
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Finish this:
Life would be boring
without ______________.
#ArMi #StephMi
Photo by @tiffanie.marie

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Bc Monday is #gljooty day of course!! 😂 although this pic is from a couple days ago when I did back and bi's because i haven't been to the gym yet today, as I'm working a double on a rainy day 🌧 but I've got a sunny attitude and I'm SO looking forward to hitting the gym after work 💪🏼 my desire to reach my goals outweighs my tired feet 🙂 .
I've been a bit frustrated lately that I've had so much less time to spend on the gym and Instagram (so I apologize again for being slow to answer comments and messages, guys!! ily all ❤️), because I'm working a lot and still adjusting to a new routine. I wish I could Instagram, YouTube and fitness full time, and while I think that would be so awesome, I think it's important to focus on realistic goals as well lol. So I'm currently saving up all my pennies so I can afford go back to school and finish up my Penn State degree this spring ☺️ (after taking this semester off bc I couldn't afford to do school ☹️)
Fitness is still a priority for me now that I'm playing "real adult" working full time and balancing a social life, work, and fitness. It can be a bit tough (especially because I like spending multiple hours at the gym which can be hard now that I'm often on a time crunch), but, as I've said before, it's really all about what you prioritize and how you manage your time. Channel your inner Wonder Woman and get it done. You CAN have it all. ❤️


Hope you all had a great start to the week 💕🌙

Today was another amazing #glute and #leg workout🍑🍑 swipe right for the full workout! #legday #squat #fitpharmacist #glutes #gluteworkout

Looking at my watch like
"Is it time to eat yet?" 😩😋

Ladies!!! You gotta try this triset if you want your glutes to be on fiiiyahhh 🔥. .
1️⃣ 10 dumbbell sumo squat
2️⃣ 10 dumbbell deadlifts
3️⃣ 10 jump squats
I added the two benches for added depth but these aren’t necessary. But holy moly, my legs and glutes we’re toast after repeating this 4 times 😂 give it a try bb’s! #majorbuttsweat #lmao #bootyday #glutesworkout #squats
@gainzvillle2.0 @gymgirlvids @cardioguide @gymglutes @womenworkoutvideos @_workoutvideos @fithealthyworkouts

So I haven't lifted in 2 weeks. While it was a nice break, it definitely took an XL coffee to get my butt back into the gym. Just ordered powerlifting shoes because my coach almost ripped me a new one for using my running shoes today 🤣 excited to see some progress and hopefully compete in the spring! 👊🏼

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OK ladies with only 2 1/2 month left in 2017 here is a challenge for all that have yet to reach all planed goals for this year and refuse to give up. So here's an opportunity for all the ladies who are ready to challenge yourselves mentally and physically and get a jump start on 2018. No need for a new year resolution when you can start now. Go to the site listed and register today, can't wait to get started! Tag your friends and family and let's do it. 🤗💪💃#totalwellnesstransformation #weightlosschallenge #lossweigth #lossweight #getfitnow #healthyweightloss #lossweightnow #gainweigh #challengeyourself #fitchickchallenge #girlswhoworkout #fitfamilly #buildabooty #buildingmuscle #buildmuscle #fitnesslifestyle

Thinking of starting a fitness account but for now I'll just post more workout pics of exercises I like . Lady's let's build a booty #homegym
#buildabooty #livefit

Still made time for a quick workout regardless of the loads of homework I have this week. Even if it's for a short amount of time any workout is a good workout! .

Day 1 back in the gym ! Of course it was leg day 🍑 feels so damn good to be back sweating & pushin weight 💪
Let's crush these goals together👐
#30daychallenge #absolutelybootyful #glutepump #gluteworkout #backatit #noexcuses #motivation #fitchicks #girlswholift #squat #buildabooty #letsgetit #healthylifestyle #gains

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