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The short story behind this extreme viral photo/video of this Moth species 😁
(ATTENTION: That is a male which wants to attract females, i said it in the video the other way, sorry.)

Per ora le app presenti nel programma di segnalazione sono Snapchat, Tinder, Dropbox, Alibaba e Line. In futuro potrebbero aggiungersene altre.

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The Tiny Thinkers where so many that there was not enough paper for invites to the Ball. So this exception was coming as a whole huge family instead of a couple. They where messy. But sooo much fun. Check out some more of these bad boys at @mrdanidiez ‘s profile!
Almost there! Are you curious about the Nightfall Ball?
What do you think the event is about???? Guess guess guess!

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Немножко нежности и воспоминаний о лете

Cuanta razón.... #bug #gamer #game

End of the season #boxbeetle attack. The cats are not fans. #bug #beetles

Go to almost any major news website this week and there is an article on insects trending that should leave the majority of people who read it in a state of contemplation.

A study carried out at 67 locations in Germany shows a 76% drop in the number of flying insect biomass in the last 27 years. And this was in protected habitat!

This is a significant finding that could have devastating consequences on the food chain. It will not only directly effect the birds, reptiles, and amphibians, but trickle down to humans as well.

If this continues, not only will we start to see a drop in these more complex animals numbers, but crops will be effected due to the lower number of pollinators.
While a multi-species long-term study such as this has not been reported for any other locations besides Germany, numbers of individual species studied around the world show a decline as well.

Are you familiar with the windshield test?

Think back to how many flying insects struck your car window on a long drive 25 years ago. How does it compare to today? Have you noticed a difference?

I would love to hear your results.

•Look for my photos Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11:00am pacific time.

•If you would like for me to see a particular comment or photo make sure you add "#karlathompson" - just adding "@karlathompson" may not be enough. My notification feed turns over rather quickly.

As always, if you are curious about the gear I use or my camera settings, feel free to follow the link in my bio and check out this post on my website!

Also, if you or anyone you know appreciates the important role of arthropods and would like to get involved on a deeper level and support my photography and conservation efforts, please visit Patreon.com/KarlaThompson
Thanks so much guys!

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Finally complete! FULLY restored 1967 VW Bug, 99% original, 1 year only! #vw #bug #restored #new #year #1967

Love that thing

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