(Lance doing sit-ups) 1, 2, 3...
(Keith walks in)
Lance: 259, 260... oh hey Keith, y’know just warming up 💪💧

I had the pleasure of meeting & dining with 2017 @HeismanTrophy winner @BakerMayfield recently at a Charity Event & was very impressed by him & his humble attitude with all going on in his life after being drafted as the first overall pick by the @ClevelandBrowns Learn more about the man & all that his @NFL Browns teammates face in training camp getting ready for their upcoming 2018 season by watching the excellent & compelling @HBO show @HardKnocksHBO about the Cleveland Browns, which shows both front & behind the scenes of what it takes to prepare mentally & physically to compete in the NFL than most all of us know plus what all their coaches do to prepare them for the big show 🏈 I’m a true @PhiladelphiaEagles fan for life but after meeting Baker & watching this show, I will be routing for the Browns to have a successful 2018 season though the Eagles 🦅 will repeat & win the Super Bowl again 😉🙏🗣🎤. #ITSNFLTIME 🏈 #BUFFLIFE 😎

🗣LISTEN UP TO THIS WEEK’S “IT’S TIME!” PODCAST🎤 On this week’s show we talk about last Saturday’s exciting UFC 227 event in Los Angeles that was filled with awesome fights & two championship bouts including a TKO win by defending UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw. My special guest is @DuaneBangcom, TJ Dillashaw’s trainer who breaks down their mental outlook towards all the needed to guide TJ on his road to becoming what now@many consider the GOAT of the UFC Bantamweight division plus his want to fight for and win a second championship belt by facing newly crowned UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo at 125 lbs. in the near future. 🎤 Tune in as we “Rant & Rave” as usual, about current events & other happenings in the world… All this & much more as always on “IT’S TIME!”, the “Life-Styles” podcast of the internet.
Listen Now to #ITSTIME at BruceBuffer.com RevolverPodcasts.com iTunes or SoundCloud #UFC #MMA #ITSTIME 👊#BUFFLIFE 😎

I was very fortune to meet @BruceBufferUFC when UFC came to The Saitama Super Arena for UFC on Fuel TV 8. I was stationed at Camp Fuji, Japan and it was my first UFC event. I went with a group of hard charging Marines which made the experience all the better since I was with my brothers. During my year at #CampFuji I knew I wanted to work for the @UFC however it wasn't until I heard #BruceBuffer again a few years down the road I knew what I COULD and wanted to do!
I had planned to work in marketing or even social media for the UFC, making contacts, going to school and submitting for countless marketing jobs. However my contract with the military would not be over for another 2 years. Ofcourse life has its twists, turns and obstacles and after the Marine Corps I chose to pursue another passion.
I chose to work on Bourbon Street in the nightlife business learning every job I could to run a successful club. Over the course of working on Bourbon Street I perfected my mic skills, my annunciation and took on any public speaking position whenever the opportunity arose. Then came UFC Fight Night 68 at The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. The roars from the audience shook my soul, my friend @almf3 invited me to the sound booth and we talked music and food of course. Then that familiar voice came through the speakers with his infamous #ItsTime catchphrase.
This man has the best job in the world and I want it too!! The man dresses fly damn near every day! He has one of the best seats in the house for every fight! He gets to socialize with the best MMA fighters in the world! His words and voice sends chills up spines and shakes stadiums!

Although it's a dream, and I know I have a long way to go before I even get to the big leagues of announcers. I just felt the need to share this photo and remind myself of the goals I have in life and keep pursuing them. Bruce Buffer I look forward to seeing you again and one day in the distant future becoming another voice of the octagon. Thank you for inspiring me.
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I guess I got too excited for elk burrito bowls🤷‍♀️ I completely broke my wooden spoon in half 🤦‍♀️ KETO GIVES ME LIIIIFEEEE!!! But seriously, how crazy am I that this happened?!? Maybe it's all those Keto Gainz!!! or it's a really old spoon 😂😂 Here's to feeling super buff! Happy hump day y'all!! 😃

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It has been said in pugilistic sports that “To become a Legend, one must beat a Legend” 👊& looking at this picture of @Henry_Cejudo when announcing his name as the winner, it reminded me of what an amazing moment both in his life & in sports history this was for him, who oddsmakers posted as a huge underdog at +450 to win. But he stepped into the Octagon, where they both fought an amazing 5 round fight ending with the judges awarding the split decision to Cejudo, defeating the great “11 time defending” Flyweight Champion Demetrius Johnson @mightymouse125 who many of us consider the best Lb. for Lb. MMA fighter in the world!🗣 Congratulations Henry as now you truly have gone from “Olympic Gold to UFC Gold” 🎤👏 #UFC #MMA #RoleModel #ITSTIME #BUFFLIFE 😎
History. #UFC227 Repost of picture post made by @UFC

Perfect muscle building meal! #bufflife #bodybuildinglifestyle #workoutlife #muscle

God I love #ufc. Moments like this with @brucebufferufc and @tjdillashaw make hairs on the back of my neck stand up. #ItsTime #ufc227 #bufflife #andstill
What a fight! Bring on #dillashawvsgarbrandt3

Go listen to #BruceBuffer It’s Time! Podcast 😉💪🏼🔊
Repost @brucebufferufc ・・・
In the car with @dc_mma & @Jon_Anik on our way to the big show tonight #UFC 227... We are all pumped for this one!!! @UFC #MMA #ITSTIME 👊#BUFFLIFE 😎

In the car with @dc_mma & @Jon_Anik on our way to the big show tonight #UFC 227... We are all pumped for this one!!! @UFC #MMA #ITSTIME 👊#BUFFLIFE 😎

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