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Comercial sensacional da @budweiser_br no Super Bowl 2015 nos EUA! #mundomarchador #budweiser

INSTAGRAM EXPERIMENT COMPLETE😈 TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS 🙏💗💋 So, I did a thing. For the last month or so I've been posting the same types of photos, some with lengthy bodylove posts and others that are just like the post previous to this one. Wanna know what I discovered? Turns out I can post a nude photo and be all gushy about how much we should love our bodies (which I DO believe in) and everyone applauds. If I post a photo of the same nature, with a quick & maybe saucy caption, I loose, on average, 100 followers. WHAT IN THE FUCK. What this means is that unless someone is well educated, well spoken and has the privilege of excessive time to sit down and make you feel good about clicking the like button, they are subjected to criticism. People who have the same positive intentions, but potentially lack other qualities, are shut out. I don't like it at all. By all means, follow and unfollow who you want. I unfollow people. It happens, but usually because I'm really tired of seeing a scraggly wiener dog instead of the gorgeous body& person I originally followed. The blatant truth is that Instagram is a place many people turn to to help grow THEMSELVES. And if we unfollow and criticize the SAME EXACT PHOTOS that we liked when they came with a neat little message we felt good about, just because maybe said person doesn't have the luxury of time or education in conveying ideas, we are only denying positivity to people who may need it more than we do. Comment your thoughts below 💗💗💗🙏

Thank you Tuesday at Hooters! 20% off Military Discount! See you for lunch! #hooters #hootersmakesyouhappy #lunch #burgers #wings #budweiser #daydrinking #smile


Prime Rib @celeirocarnes com muito @hardcorecarnivorerub pra começar a semana pegando fogo. Experimente esse corte incrível no Braseiro Cuiabá!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #tonobraseiro #somosdacarne #matogrosso #celeirocarnes #angus #bbq #budweiser #cuiabrasa 📷@ofelipegeorge

🍻 #budweiser


This little beaut ready for #JoshuaKlitschko #Keg #Bud #Budweiser #Budvar #Boxing

@lanadelrey is my mom ❤

I think we just became best friends!!! #budweiser #bluejays

The worlds biggest keg stand! #budweiser

If I don't come home, you know where to find me! #budweiser

If you are craving Pizza & Beer tonight is a good night to come down & say hello! 25% off of all pizza & featuring Schooner of premium/domestic beer! #delicious #scotsmanwell #budweiser #budlight #tuesday #yyc #yycfood #pizza

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