The USDA has guidelines for how much to spend on groceries. I’m curious where everyone falls. 👉🏼Swipe to see their guidelines.
1. We spend about $500/month for two adults and this includes household items.
2. We do fall into the USDA guidelines but we aren’t in the “thrifty” category.

Tax refunds can be stressful when you feel like you are bad with money.

You want to use it for bills or debt, but which ones? You want to feel like you have something to show for it.
It's not enough to pay off all the debt. So maybe I'll just get a month ahead on all my regular bills so I can finally save some money.
But the money I save doesn't stay saved... wtf

Maybe I'll go to Costco and just spend it all on things I'll need. I'll fill the oil tank too.

If the tax refund is spent before it even happens... There is a problem.

Last week I saw a client who got a bonus (same idea as the tax refund). They spent it all on getting "ahead" on the monthly bills.

The thing is, then they spent the money they would have spent on bills. So the windfall did nothing to help. They pissed it away and are right back where they started... But are disappointed with themselves.
The problem is that they believe they don't have enough money.
Having a scarcity mindset messes with how a person thinks. Literally lowers the IQ by 10 to 12 points. The longer you stay there the more lasting the effects. Scarcity causes irrational behavior.
People come see me looking for financial strategy to solve all their problems. Many times the perception on money is just as much of an issue and as important as the strategy.
Consider investing your tax refund dollars in a way that will help you in the long run.

If I can be so bold, like working with me to make a financial plan, change the problem habits... And perception causing the problem.

If you are ready for help changing your relationship with money... I want to help. Talkwithbrie.com is a link to my calendar, let's talk for 15 minutes and see what you need and how I can help.

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Building on my super duper #pantrychallenge #budgetfail post from the other day, the kids had their combined birthday party the other day, and I was nervous. There were multiple times that I considered telling people not to worry about getting them gifts. Obviously I want the girls to have a great celebration, but they have been doing so well at living more intentionally and minimalistic. Since they have their cash envelopes, they budget for things they want and know there is a limit. We decided that with the budget mishap the other day, we would all three give up our personal envelopes this paycheck. We get $25 a paycheck. I asked them if this idea was okay and if they were onboard, and they agreed. Again, we arent broke. We are making smart budget choices, and we decided to use that personal money to put towards Southern's birthday dinner next week.
Then their birthday party happened, and they both got a suprising amount of cash and giftcards.....on top of a ton of presents that are practical, useful, and fun! Needless to say, they are extremely grateful for their friends and family. Their money went into their cash enevelopes, and they even made duplicate envelopes to split the money up and have some with them when they are at their daddy's house too.

You know what I find interesting? When I am super focused on my finances, it bleeds into other areas of my life as well. Suddenly the dirty oven that I haven’t cleaned for two years (🤫) is no longer acceptable. Anyone else find themselves changing other areas of their life once you started getting your finances in order??

It’s been that kinda day...😣
Why is it that kids seem to know the exact moments to push all your buttons? #isitbedtimeyet? #budgetfail

A mistake people make with money is thinking tight cash flow is the same as broke.

My money flow is a little tight today and that's OK... still doing just fine.

I might pass on going out for cocktails today... BUT... The kitchen and liquor cabinet are full, oil in the tank , mortgage and bills are paid, and investments are growing.
Cash flow is just one peice of the money puzzle... It's the one we notice the most, and also the most short term. It's the peice that can feel controlling.
When we focus on what we DON'T HAVE it makes us feel like we don't have enough to go out for cocktails...boo.
When we focus on what we DO HAVE we realize we already have enough to host a bad ass party at home, and enough to share generously.
So many people feel like failures when cash flow gets tight.

The best way to get over that is to count your blessings and be grateful for what you DO have.  You'll feel better about life.

Talkwithbrie.com is a link to my calendar if you want to talk to me for 15 minutes about your money

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Budgeting fail. After all my must do expenses this is what is left till pay day. I ended up spending on a few Groupon’s and now I’ll pay the price. Good news is I have a full fridge and pantry. Lets see if I can do it! Also this “SUP yoga” Groupon better be amazing! #debtfreecommunity #cashflow #budgetfail

I get paid biweekly, so June was a 3 paycheck month. I did great on my groceries. My grocery budget is $100 and I had over 12 bucks left! The only fail was I didn't budget in extra for gas to account for the extra weeks. I just took it out of my spending money, so it was still fine. It starts all over tomorrow! #budget. #budgetwin #budgetfail

Do you have an HSA? Swipe 👉🏼 to see how I keep track of our medical expenses. At the end of the year, I put all these receipts with my tax forms if there’s ever a question of whether it was a qualified medical expense. Since both my husband and I both have HSAs that our employers contribute to, I have found this is the easiest way to keep track of medical expenses!

Sooo this happened again 😳 I have not the slightest idea how, so I’m going to sit down and see where I messed up this time. I feel defeated because I truly thought I had it all laid out this month. •
Truth is, this budgeting thing IS hard and DOES take a lot of work. I’ve only been dedicated to this since the end of May and getting myself caught up and on a budget that works isn’t going to happen overnight.
#debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfreelife #budgeting #budgetfail

I made mistakes this week.
We had visitors over and to say that the budget went out the window was an understatement 🤦‍♀️ It's hard when your friends are big spenders, we felt the urge to do it too, we spoiled ourselves with restaurants, takeout, kids day outs, and shopping trips. None of it was budgeted, I guess I assumed we would stick to our usual non-spending ways with our guests but we should of known better. We should of been more prepared for this week, I guess it's time to add it all up and work out just how much we've taken from our savings this week.
#lessonlearnt #budgetfail #freshweek #timetoknuckledown #debtfreecommunity

Do you have to live like a pauper to make financial progress?
I see that when spending aligns with real values, a lot of crap drops away.

The new found cash flow is redirected to the important things like family vacations, home renovations and giving the kids a head start. The stuff that adds RICHNESS to life.
Most of the crap we buy is very low joy. The thrill wears off quickly leaving us wanting more (hedonic adaptation). If you ask me, consumption without purpose or joy is worse than living like a pauper because you don't even appreciate all the crap.

Financial progress requires discernment, not necessarily sacrifice.

The thing when we think about money is most of the financial bleed happens under the radar of notice... We immediately go to thinking we must give up
🍆 Yoga
🥒 Dinners out
🌽 Highlights
But that is rarely the course of action.

Chances are if you stop spending money on dumb shit that doesn't make you happy... There is plenty for the stuff that does.

If you want help... Book a free call to see how I can help you. Talkwithbrie.com

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Our state of origin dinner - this is definitely not frugal. My other half had a craving and brought all of coles home. Lol. We have blown budget this week I'm sure. Oh well, the platter is delicious! 😋😋
#budgetfail #stateoforigin #platterdinner #cravings

This is so crazy to me. I have been overpaying for YEARS and it makes me so mad to think how much I could have saved all this time for the same coverage! 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️

When you accidentally buy lunch meat you thought was $6.99 total...NOT per pound! 🤦‍♀️ #groceryfail #budgetfail #damnit #debtfreecommunity

I am taking new clients for July.

Calling women who are smart, motivated and making good money but have challenges with their money like student loans, credit cards and disappearing money syndrome. OR who make far less than she is qualified for and deserves.
Ladies who take action and are ready for drastic improvements to finances and life. Ladies who accomplish shit, do big things and don't want to work for anyone less intelligent. Ladies who have their lives together... Except their money.

Ready to do practical stuff, mindset work, deep soul searching, habit changing and investing.

Talkwithbrie.com is my calendar if this sounds like you and you want help.

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Budget Fail: Not packing my lunches for work.

Up until recently, I worked full time nights. The switch to full time days is still a struggle for me. I'm up late, then sleep in as late as possible and don't make a lunch for myself, so I end up buying one. This is costing me $25-35 a week, it seems. 😬

Plan: pack my lunch the night before!

#budget #budgeting #wegotthis #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #budgetfail #fail #worklunch #actionplan #lunchtime

A client came to see me with a student loan and credit card problem that were keeping her from buying a house in the suburbs.
She was mad about the student loans because she owed the same amount she borrowed---even though she was paying on them for 10 years! She was frustrated because the credit card bills were because lots of things broke in her house....at the same time.
If I gave her only what she asked for... to help her take advantage of the student loan forgiveness program and a plan to pay off the cards...she would have missed out
The thing we see as the pain point with our money is usually not the problem.
That's why it is critical to get clear on the money in and the money out. If you want to become "rich" whatever that means to you...tracking your money is a "must"


In this case the problem was spending on groceries. She was going to the store 3-4 times per week and spending double what she thought she was. $1000 per month bleed- was the real problem...not the credit cards or student loan payment. The pain point wasn't the same as the problem.
We can be blind to our own habits.
Helping her recognize the real problem (although we did put in place a plan for debt repayment and student loan forgiveness) was her spending saved her 12 hours per month and $1,000. She moved into her new house.
The average "bleed" I help clients find is $1,400 per month... and it all goes in small purchases. The money that could be helping to live the dream is usually traded in for things not too exciting…

#sheeptosharks #money #makeaplan #moneygoals #reallifeplan #getittogether #getit #gratitude #scarcity #abundance #rich #ragstoriches #ct #watertownct #Waterbury #budget #budgetfail #ilovemoney #debt #debtfree #poor #studentloans #strategy #moneymoves #moneymindset #goals #movingforward #wealth

I would love any and all podcast recommendations! I don’t even listen to the radio anymore!!

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