freedive enlightment series by our humble instructor @yuujifujito proud to be on his class #exercise #inhale #exhale #freedive #freedivelesson #safety #buddysystem

At Oac - Leichhardt Elswick St we are developing partnerships with the local primary school and welcomed a group of Year 6 children to engage in 'buddy' activities with our preschool children. Initiatives such as these can have the potential to create long-lasting positive learning experiences for all involved. The children are keen and looking forward to the next visit with their ‘buddies’.

Just know you only see a portion of my day! This photo represents 25 minutes of 24 hours in a day! .
You didn't see me sitting at the bar today eating a bacon-jalapeno -cheese burger, or the 5 mini white chocolate brownies, or the veggies I skipped. .
It is part of being human.
It is part of my day.
But some days it is the best part, the part I love.
This is the part I saw a year and a half ago on my mentors page that inspired me to say yes. I know there are others out there just like me that know there is something in their life that needs a change. Just know, I am here to help.you find 25 minutes in a day to make a change!

When your pain is greater than your fear, it is then one comes to a self realization. That one can no longer live like this. Proclaiming it, the fear that has trapped all of us since we were children. Fear of losing perhaps, or fear of screaming out the the world this is who I am and accept it bitch! Evaluate your life, is there settlement and discontent?? I was afraid for years, mixed with my EGO that I could handle it all at one point. I made thousands of excuses. This is just the beginning of my new life I get to live I fought so hard to get back!! 1 ❤️ #motivation #realtalk #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #lovelife #onedayatatime #eachoneteachone #buddysystem #youarebeautiful

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night for our live performance at @kxlu and a huge thanks to @livation889fm for having us, and @_charliee84 for filming our performance and interview. We got some cool video 📹content coming soon so be a kool kid 😎 and subscribe to our YouTube 📺 channel (LINK IN OUR BIO)

#Repost @pinotandpistols
Today’s outfit with the setup mentioned in my last post. Wasn’t quite sure where to put that spare mag, but ended up wearing it at about 8:00ish. 🤷🏻‍♀️
#pinotandpistols #girlswithguns #mycarrylife #glock #glock43 #g43 #concealedcarry #oregunian #edc #everydaycarry #2a #2ndamendment #notavictim #buddysystem #gustheglock #girlsbestfriend #stealthgearusa #womenwhocarry

I can't say enough the pleasure I get training weekly the team at FPD (foreign Parts distributors in Medly). The folks out here rock from the bottom up, naturally so; they have a great management from the top down. They know that the best health plan is investing in the workplace.

#buddysystem 🚙🤛

Quick cruising with @toolsandgrit in the Hayman Burn Area the other day. Good times! #defender #buddysystem

that #face always #smiling #Baileylebichon with his #teddybear .. I love that #dog soooo much #angel of pure #love and #joy he's like the baby I never indulged in ... when my #boyfriend bought him for me a few years ago (we didn't make it 😉) ... he had mentioned to me that it was probably time to let my youngest son grow up (#men have #beautiful #wisdom too) i saw him at the pet store as i purchased budgie food ... (I know not so politically correct... but the good news is they closed down the pet purchasing section a few months later!) #whitedog #dogsofinstagram #lapdogs ... never very far from their owners ... #workouts #buddysystem #fromthemat #cheeringmeon 💕

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