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Conocida como "La París del este" o "La perla del Danubio" 💙
Éstos son los apodos que se ha ganado la increíble ciudad de #Budapest. ¿Queréis saber por qué? 🤔
Tendréis que juzgar con vuestros propios ojos para responder a esa pregunta 😍✈️
📷: @michutravel

3..2..1... Go!

Budapest views on a perfect fall morning. 🍂✨ @VikingCruises #VikingCruises #MyVikingStory

Netflix and Chill?
By our friend @monsieurlifestyle

❤️💛 It's been nearly two months to the last day of the 25th Sziget, we'll show you our favorite concert moments. 🎸🎤🎧🥁 Here goes a special thanks to all of our artists for the unforgettable gigs! #sziget2017 #szigetfestival #sziget #islandoffreedom #budapest #gig #art #music #musicfestival #festival #szitizen

Lecsós nokedli, my favourite Hungarian dish 🍛 ♥ | #mytravelhacks #citybreak #budapest


Nuevos caminos, nuevas historias por contar.#hungría #budapest #bañosturcos #szechenyibaths

Pocket sketch from a trip to Budapest during my time studying abroad a few years ago. After hearing stories from friends about the city I decided on the fly to buy a train ticket and ride from Prague to Budapest one weekend. The train took up most of the day, but gave me plenty of time to read my book and look out over the landscape between the two countries. I arrived to Budapest pretty late, sometime around 11pm or so and pulled up the maps on my phone to find my hostel for the night. To my surprise, my phone was around 10% battery, leaving me in a pickle if it died before I found my home for the night. So I wandered into the city alone, clueless of the language and with little understanding of which direction to head. .
I made my way to some back alley entrance to what I thought was my hostel and buzzed up to front desk to check in. They told me they were closed and that I had the wrong place! I quickly checked the name on my email confirmation and asked if they were in fact the hostel I had checked into. They confirmed that it was indeed a hostel called Carpe Noctum, but that I had evidently reserved a bed at another hostel called Carpe Noctum Vitae located somewhere on the other side of the city. SHIT! .
By this point in the night, it was closing in on midnight and the battery on my phone was inching closer to 0%. I kindly (and anxiously) asked the folks working at the hostel if they could point me in the direction of my hostel since it didn't show a name on the map. They pointed out the spot and I ran off in that direction, racing my battery life to make it to my hostel that I didn't even know if I could still check into that late at night. I fumbled around the general block that the original hostel folks had pointed me towards, seeing no signage whatsoever for my hostel. After nervously circling the block multiple times, my phone finally died and I felt like my lack of planning had really caught up to me. It was only then when I found a buzzer next to a large door with a tiny label that said Carpe Noctum Vitae. I called up, and after an hour or so of struggling I finally found my home for the night.

3년 전 이맘때 투 #헝가리 #부다페스트
난 뭣도 모르고 들어 갔지만
얼마 전 배틀트립 보는데 맛집으로 나온곳


#budapest #airport
Lizt airport, returning home from Budapest.

Budapest y sus interminables bellezas que conocimos.. un lugar para quedarse y recorrerlo a full... 😍😍😍😍
#budapest #hungria #vacation #paisaje #belleza #beautifuldays #fotos #foto #fotografia #photography #photo #photographer #instaeurope #europe #paisajes

Freedom 🐈✈️

Never getting enough of this city. #budapest #szechenyi #magyaroszag #hungary #liszt

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