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Day 28 of #bmpicadaymay17: Movies. It could only be one movie series ⚡🤓 love the designs on this Blu-ray set! 💙


⇢ Draco's arrogance lmao

⇢ THANKS SO MUCH FOR 60K GUYS! I'll post something later haha // I got my restricted drivers licence yesterday! I've got an audition for a drama club today eek hopefully I get in, I was in the teacher's class last year so at least we know each other well haha

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#QOTD : Do you have a school ball/prom/dance this year? If so, are you going?
#AOTD : Yep we've got a winter ball soon and I'm definitely going 👌🏼

Yes... 😍😍😍 via @just.alan.rickman

I absolutely love this picture @msevylynch 💙

25 points to 💚Slytherin, @mehdi_hz 👏 (A: The part of Voldemorts soul that died when he "killed" Harry went to the limbo & is forced to stay there for eternity since it can neither go back to exist as a ghost nor move on to the afterlife)
#harrypotter #evannalynch #buckbeak

ACHARAM UM HIPOGRIFO DA VIDA REAL, MAS OS FÃS DA SAGA HARRY POTTER NÃO GOSTARAM: https://goo.gl/sN0RxQ #Bicuço #Buckbeak #PrisioneiroDeAzkaban #HarryPotter #AnimaisFantásticos

Book vs Film!
Swipe left for the Elimination Game!
QOTP:Book or Film?
AOTP:Definitely Book!
Neville is out! Comment who you want to be out next!
Answer the QOTP or comment below who you want to be eliminated next or comment '🍗' or 'Chicken '

#hermionegranger #harrypotter

You know I can only hold onto this before my drool disintegrates the whole thing, right? #Buckbeak #Corgi


Got to see the duckies this morning before heading to the beach for the day!!! #sirquakesalot #chatterbox #buckbeak #chip #mallardducks

Uriah James Rubalcava, never have I ever seen a little boy grow into a young handsome man and you have! Never have I ever seen someone have the brains and smarts you do as an 8 year old! My nephew my #buckbeak! You amaze me everyday with what you learn and what you know! Never stop dreaming and make your dreams and goals come true my little papa bear.! I love you #whyfry #bucks #ujoe #crazykid

Day 28 of #bmpicadaymay17: Movies. It could only be one movie series ⚡🤓 love the designs on this Blu-ray set! 💙

So, I FINALLY watched #FantasticBeasts & what fun! I actually think I enjoyed it more then #HarryPotter bit less teen angsty ~ it can't be a surprise to any of you that I'm an animal lover & I'm also a former zookeeper so can really relate to #NewtScamander ~ rounding up escaped animals, been there! 🙈
I want to live in #JKRowlings brain! she has SUCH an imagination!
The #Thunderbird was beautiful but I'm afraid #Buckbeak is still my favourite birdy-type thing... buuut.... I want a #Niffler !! how cute is that little fella? I promise to take really good care of him, I'll trade you Fletch 😏
A wonderful film, can't wait for the next one! the reveal at the end had me going "is that who I think it is?" turns out, it was!
Picture 3 I capped off the special features (yup! I'm that person) it's a look from above at Newt's suitcase, all the different enclosures so they could visualise it, how cool is that?! pure #moviemagic 😁 #FantasticBeastsAndWhereToFindThem #EddieRedmayne #bankholidayweekend #Sundayafternoon #lazySunday
#Repost @FantasticBeastsMovie (@get_repost)
This mischievous Niffler has an irrepressible predilection for anything glittery #FantasticBeasts

Nope human, down there looks way more interesting... one small leap for Buckbeak, a giant leap for hamsters... #dwarfhamster #instahamster #buckbeak #screwyouhuman

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