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Jimin riding Taehyung


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Hellooooo how are you guys doing?? I'm doing fine. I made paneer and it tastes gross because I can't cook lmao -
Q// favourite movie??? A// moana, monsters inc, and the incredibles -

Short #taehyungsmut for the reader β€” #btssmut #vsmut #taehyung
"Euhmm, tae" I groaned when i felt a pair of cold hand slipped under my tshirt.
I rubbed my sleepy eyes and saw downward when his hands moved to touch my breast. His lips kiss my earlobe tenderly from behind. "Taehyung" i turned my head to feel his damp hair. It seemed he spooned me after took a bath.
"I miss you, baby." His pointed nose snuggle to my jaw, sending chill with his warm breathe. His big hands played skillfully squezzed my breast. "Baby" i reacted when his thumbs reached my nipples and turned it in circle. He was in the mood for it. He worked hard practicing for his comeback. He always came home late after practice. Thought I had needs, but I worried to tire him more.
I felt his member got hard in my back. He breathed hard and groaned in my ear. His right hand moved lower to the hem of my shorts and panties. "Ahhh, baby." His fingers touched my swollen nub. I already wet all over aching for his touch. "Like it?" "So much. Euhm.." "My turn now." He took his hands away, "Go down all four, baby." While i managed to position my self, he took of my panties off, leaving me in his oversized tshirt. "Miss my touch huh? You are so wet for me." "Arggh!" I yelled as i felt his hardened cock slammed into my wet hole. "Yes, i am craving..uhm..for you." "Been a while huh." He started to move his hips, "Euhm..so tight for me." No slow movement today, he pounded hard into me. He took his cock only to slammed it hard back to me.
"Tae..baby..huh.." i screamed to the pillow
It hit my spot perfectly, fast and hard. "Argh!" He slapped my butt cheeks.
"My sexy lady." He groaned while pounding with no mercy. His hands took my waist firmly, made him easier to move in and out.
"Baby, i'm close." "Me too " the tingling sensation in my stomach was stronger.
His move went sloppier when he finally shot inside of me, found his release the same time with me. "Taehyung.." He kept moving through his release before took out his members and laid down beside me.
"Baby, i miss you." He took the sheets to cover our body and hugged my waist.
"I miss you too." END

Namjoon ❀

Song; Shangri La - Vixx

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