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Produser Bang Sihyuk berbicara tentang Bulletproof Boys (BTS) dan Masa Depan K-pop
Jangan lupa nonton hari Jum'at, 23 Februari pukul 9:40 pm (7.40 pm WIB) di KBS 1TV 😊😊😊💞 #btsjimin
#btsjungkook #bts #btstaehyung #btsjin #btsrapmonster #btsjhope #btsminyoongi #btsofficial

His voice, bro. His froggin voice can karate kick me in my non existent balls and i’d bless him, ah. No, just kidding but honestly all the members can do whatever they want, Jungkook can wear whatever pants he wants, Namjoon can use any filter he desires, Tae can wear any glasses he fucking wants, and Jhope can make any fucking noise he wants to make, bitches. Leave them alone.

#bts4thmuster #btsofficial

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