I want to go home and sleep but I have to study for psych

boys really b the cutest


My best friend and I are listening to music on his phone and we were listening to BTS now he’s playing his soft playlist and bruh he’s dancing he’s actually SO cute

last summer was the worst but also the best ohmyogd I kinda miss it

I either don’t post for weeks or post 100 pictures all at once

134340 is my favorite song I think

I’m really about to fail chem :( why didn’t she round up my 89.9

He was so happy I :(

ok so I’m the beginning of the year I had a crush on this girl but I stopped liking her and now we’re friends and she really just “I love you” to me I’m so uwuwuuw

anpanman is a hype song but deadass why does it make me so sad

I was less than a mile away from him when this was taken :(

my parents yelled at me for crying when BTS went on

go stream fake love !!

he 😗😗

I hope Karla is doing well on her exam

hmm I get why people say latinx but ??? latino is the gender neutral term

credit: @bts.holy.water
hey guys,i know i haven’t been active on this acc and i am so sorry,anyways i decided i might sometimes post photos of other members,hope you guys like my content ly❤️❤️❤️
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they look expensive 😞

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