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Im keep saying that: Bobby's album love and fall is amazing,boi every song fits any mood thats amazing its so freaking good i love hiM TOO MUCH

Uh i steal all my irene pics from @ohgoshnanliya and uh her oTHER ACC @ohgoshnaliya so uhmm if u wanna feel gay GO SEE HER PAGE 100%recommended

U all know what i hate,dad is so freaking amazing,like man he can make u knkw what u did wrong and make u wanna cry so hard and boi,he can make u feel shit without even talking a word,thatd really amazing,like ok im addicted to the phone,and he knows it,and i know it,he talks with me once and then leaveeee meeeee,and then he let's me sink in doubt and guilt everytime i use tge phone until i GO MYSELF AND GIve it to HIM istg he is too powerful amazing wow

Cuándo cumplen años ustedes chicos? Yo cumplo el 29 de junio

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[You hadn’t seen or heard from Yoongi in 4 months when he randomly shows up at your place while you’re hanging out with your guy friend.]

*knock knock*
You both paused what you were doing and looked at each other. “Who would be knocking at this time?” Jae asked, causing you to shrug.
You quickly made your way down the hall to the front door, pulling it open.
You stepped back slightly, gasping as you saw who stood before you. “Yoongi?” You whispered, not really sure if you were seeing things.
He pulled the hood off his head making your heart skip a beat. “Can... can I come in?” He asked, stuttering slightly.
You stood there quietly for a moment, the scene from the last time you saw him playing in your head. “I kind of have company,” you said, looking behind you as Jae appeared. “Who is he?” Yoongi questioned, his voice low. “My friend, Jae” you said quietly. “Leave,” Yoongi all but growled, stepping inside, his body nearly pressing against yours, and gesturing for Jae to leave. “Yoongi,” you protested as you stepped back at the sudden closeness. “Tell him to leave,” he said, looking you in the eye.
His eyes had grown darker, his voice deeper.
You looked to Jae and back to Yoongi, not sure what to do. “If you don’t tell him to leave, I will make him,” Yoongi threatened.
This was a side of Yoongi you hadn’t seen much of and it slightly scared you. “Y/N, who is this dude?” Jae questioned, not sure what to do. “Jae,” you started, looking his way. “I think you should go home.”
“Are you serious?” He asked, Yoongi turning to smirk at him. “You heard her,” Yoongi said, gesturing towards the door again. “He’s not going to leave,” you explained to Jae. “I think it would be best if you do. I will text you in the morning.”
“Don’t bother,” he said, brushing past you, grabbing his shoes and jacket and leaving without a second glance, slamming the door behind him.
Yoongi still had a smirk on his face as you turned back to him. “I hope you’re fucking happy, Yoongi,” you said, leaving him standing there and making your way to your room. •
[continued in comments]

i don’t usually involve myself in fandom drama because honestly it’s really unnecessary to me,, but this is absolutely ridiculous. like he posted a cover of a song, how the hell was he being disrespectful to Jjong? Jonghyun would’ve wanted to hear people cover his songs and enjoy them. when Jonghyun passed away, we promised we would never do this to our idols again. how come you guys feel the need to send Jungkook death threats? are you out of your fucking mind? this is honestly so stupid and people really need to calm down. for those of you who still have a fucking heart, we will continue to support jungkook beyond our last breaths. i would hate to loose another person i love. #weloveyoujungkook 💙

Sorry because I couldn’t post yesterday ♥️ My next imagine will be about Maknae line taking care of you when you‘re sick since I already made that imagine with joon and jin. I hope you like this imagine ♥️ -S
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since outcast i’ve been loving this ship so much idkw 💘

I’ll be posting the first imagine later today. 🖤

🌸Special one for @_.seagullkook._ 🌸
🐧»»This one is long but I lose myself into the writing 😅
🌹»»Sorry but it took longer than I expected.Can u believe that I had an argue with the other admin bc she wanted me ro write similar to this one for her too bc her bias is Jungkook and she cried a little when she read it and after that she started to yell at me bc I don't make that good ones for her and she said that this is 'beautiful'
🐰»»Whatever hope u like it 💕
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