This past Friday, The Ball State Writing Center Wrap Party featured a delicious potluck picnic, a Tutor of the Month Award, and bittersweet goodbyes to departing tutors. #bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenter#writingcenters #tutorLife (Photos courtesy of Yusi)

The Digital Writing Studio presents its second annual Digital Writing Symposium.

The Symposium is both a celebration and a showcase of student-created digital texts produced within and for Ball State English Department courses during the 2017-2018 academic year. #bsuwrites #bsu

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Congratulations to our director, Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney (center), who was honored at the Faculty Recognition Ceremony for her 15 years of teaching, service, and administrative work at #BallState!
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The #WritersofBallState team met sophomore architecture major Mackenzie in front of the CAP building to interview her about her research process. Here was her advice: "I always have to find a topic I'm in to. Then I can dig really deep. . . Like, we just had a big research paper due, and I did it over the aesthetics within modern architecture. So, I typed in "aesthetics" [in the library databases] just to see what popped up. Then I usually look through and find key terms and keep going just to see all that's out there." #bsuwrites #bsu #ResearchIsCool #Architecture

At the last writing center staff meeting, Merissa and Megan led a 20-minute micro activity on self-care and burnout. Then tutors shared stories from the #Progress jar. #bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenters #writingcenter

Olivia displayed this hilarious motivational meme in the staff room to help her fellow tutors remember to ask clients to fill out the feedback survey. #bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenterhumor #tutorlife #tutorlife❤️ #writingcenter #writingcenters

This past Monday, tutors Megan (pictured) and Amory represented the Writing Center and Digital Writing Studio at Burris's College Experience Day event. The high school juniors and seniors were given scenarios that they might face as they visit/apply/start to attend college campuses. Then they had to find the best resource for the situation. #bsuwrites #writingcenter #writingcenters #bsu

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#WritingTipThursday. #ENG103 student Kimmie S. submitted a helpful writing tip on how the way we format papers can affect our #writingprocess.

#bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenter #writingcenters

#WritingTipThursday. #ENG103 student Kimmie S. submitted a helpful writing tip on how the way we format papers can affect our #writingprocess.

#bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenter #writingcenters

#TutorLife. Merissa, Tutor of the Month and an MA student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her hobbies include singing and dancing in her living room, cooking, and talking about social justice.
She's currently working on a presentation called "Therapeutic Interventions for Human Trafficking Survivors" at the Cohen Peace Conference and submitting her. undergraduate Honors Thesis for publication! #bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenter #writingcenters

Klaudia and Payton are freshmen studying interior design. What’s their past experience writing collaboratively been like?

Payton: “Crap. Always. I don't think I've ever had a good experience writing a group essay. See, interior designers are almost always working with a bunch of other people. You're really never by yourself. So, I think. . . [collaborative writing] will help in the future, but the group projects I've done have not really been done in with my major. So, it's going to be a lot different to be working in the field with group projects because we're not writing essays. We're going to be creating buildings.” Klaudia: “[Doing a group projects together] is essentially how we became friends! It wasn't like, I was paired off with somebody who didn't want to do work. Because there definitely those groups, and when you presented the work and you watched them you could definitely see, "Oh, they didn't communicate at all!" (laughs) Because it was a disaster.” #bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenters #writingcenter

#TipsFromtheTrade. Audience-awareness is an essential writing skill for folks in all professions—even call center script-writers. #RhetoricIsEverywhere!

#bsuwrites #bsu #audience #HappyMonday #writingcenters #writingcenter Quote attribution: https://www.callcentrehelper.com/how-to-develop-the-best-script-for-your-call-centre-10901.htm

#TutorLife. Writing isn't the only thing our tutors are skilled at. Rebecca (a Creative Writing student minoring in Computer Science and TESOL) loves cooking and baking. "I'm currently knitting a cowl, which will hopefully be done before the weather gets too hot!" #bsuwrites #bsu #writingcenters #writingcenter

The #ECWCA18 conference was a big success for all of our past and present tutors, Raquel, Kathryn, Amory, and Noah! Thanks for hosting, THE Ohio State! #writingcenter #bsuwrites #bsu

Looking forward to a great day engaging in conversations with awesome directors and #tutorscholars at #ECWCA18. Stay tuned! #wcchat #bsuwrites #bsu

We caught up with Ben, a Rhetoric and Writing student to talk about his experiences with collaborative writing. "In my experience, [the collaborative process] starts with a division of labor, everybody having a specific task. If you're working collaboratively in Google Docs, it doesn't really feel intuitive to have people trying to work together, because you're not in person. The brainstorming process gets so spread out and so easily misinterpreted—you have to divide the work and kind of stitch it together later. . . . "I tend to be a bit of a micro-manager when I do a group essay. Usually, I end up kind of wrangling people, assigning topics, and end up getting roped into tying it all together in the end. But, as inconvenient as it is and as much as I like to complain about it, I kind of love that process. I think it's kind of the stress-thrill of it, of feeling something coming together." #bsuwrites #bsu

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Hi! I am Justine Waluvengo from #Kenya.

I hold a B.A in Education from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. I was a 2016-2017 Fulbright FLTA grantee to Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. Teaching Swahili as a #Fulbright scholar is so far the best experience I have had in academia. Through Fulbright, I took my language and culture to the U.S and the world as I met many awesome people from around the world in the program. Currently, I am an M.A in English Literature student at Ball State University, Indiana. My interest is in African and African American women fiction. I also teach First year composition and tutor at the Ball State writing center #bsuwrites. I read a lot! (most times with cool music in the background 😄). I also enjoy traveling and learning new languages - which are greatly inspired by my Fulbright experiences.

Thank you @fulbrightnoir for this amazing platform. I look forward to connecting with other black Fulbrighters.

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#WritingTipThursday. Punctuation isn't just a set of rules to memorize. Punctuation marks have one or several rhetorical uses, which depend on the sentence's purpose. #TheMoreYouKnow #bsuwrites #bsu #RhetoricOfPunctuation

#WritingTipThursday. Punctuation isn't just a set of rules to memorize. Punctuation marks have one or several rhetorical uses, which depend on the sentence's purpose. #TheMoreYouKnow #bsuwrites #bsu #RhetoricOfPunctuation

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