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BEST SHOW OF MY LIFE with @the.indigos
@bsudm thank you for having us! And thanks @lindsey_meck for capturing this moment! :) #FTK #bsudm16 #bsudm #indigoarmy #theindigos

We’ve had a lot of fun so far! Under 7 hours left of dancing! #BSUDM #FTK

So humbled by all the Riley kids we danced 13.1 hours for. Raising $677,025.23 was definitely worth not being able to feel half my body today!💚#BSUDM #FTK

"Wanna save $5 on tickets and go as dates?" "Sure." #miracleball #ftk #bsudm

Appreciation for these two people. These two made my DM experience something to remember. From keeping me going when I didn't think I could take another step to showing me the true joys of morale, these two are freaking amazing and I couldn't ask for better friends ❤ #bsudm#ETAIN#morale#FTK

yesterday was unbelievable. the amount of passion and hope in the room was so moving and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it with my best friends. #bsudm #ftkalldmday

THANK YOU to everyone who donated and participated in #BSUDM today!! #FTK

We may not have been the best dancers but we still enjoyed trying👯 #FTK #BSUDM


We are so excited to partner with BSU Rentals to bring HOPE through HOUSING! For every new lease with a #BSUDM referral, they will donate $100 #FTK. We can’t wait to see the miracles this new partnership will bring!

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! As you move on to the next chapters of your lives, we know that you will always be #FTK! Also, be sure to tag us in your most #BSUDM moments of the day!

IT HAPPENED!!! I'M FINALLY A PART OF THE CRAZIEST COMMITTEE OUT THERE!!! I am so beyond excited that MORALE will be my home for my final Dance Marathon 😁😁😭😭 BRING ON THE TYE-DYE!!! Ps. I'm actually sad that the gif didn't load 😅 #FTK#bsudm

Big shout out to my good friend and fellow #rockstar Maison. @bsudm has been helping kids achieve a better quality of life for years. I am more than thankful to be able to experience rocking out with one of these kids and giving them more than just one opportunity to shine. Thanks BSUDM Gala, @cranebayindy and @the.indigos This ones for you Maison, don't ever stop rocking!
#bsudm #music #love #rileyschildrenshospital #indigoarmy #charity #philanthropy 📸: @the_alistair6 @irishfoxphotography

Cause she's adorable, I'm adorable, but not as adorable as the kids
#bsudm #ftk

Fanny Packing Cause I Can 🦊

Great job to everyone who participated in #bsudm! $677,025.23 raised For the Kids--wow! Comment if you were involved 👏

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