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The Truth about Fat Loss
Every advertisement for supplements or weight loss programs will lead you to believe the process is quick, effortless and stress-free. That's what we want to hear, so that's what we will spend money on. .
The truth is that it will be a long, slow, challenging process. Like any significant life change, it takes time to adjust habits and for your body to recognize the positive changes you're bringing to it. Psychologically, you need to expect ups and downs.
. .
There will be days when you're cruising, feeling great and seeing results. There will be others days you want to quit, where you feel like you're wasting your time, or that you "slipped up" and now it's all pointless. It's normal. .
Don't let these bad days cause you to lose sight of the end goal, the big picture. When you have a rough stretch, just gather your thoughts and start back strong with the next day or the next meal. .
The only way your plan will fail is if you give up.
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Primera formación de #strongfirst en #kettlebell como instructor, junto a mi inseparable amigo y compañero @nestorserra.
Certificación muy especial por varios motivos.
Primero, por ser la primera que iba como ayudante (eramos más de 30 instructores para 64 personas que se certificaban)
Segundo, porque se certificaban dos compañeros y amigos de Madrid.
@samueltorrespt y @victor_tellez.personal de #tacfitiberianlegion. Dos hermanos y compañeros #teamleaders de tacfit y que me hacía especial ilusión que estuvieran alli y que se certificaran los dos y se unieran al equipo y la familia de #strongfirst y #strongfirstspain.
A más a más tuve el honor y placer de estar como instructor y asistente de uno de ellos y poder certificarlo.
En resumen fueron unos días inolvidables donde aprendí mucho y experimenté en primera persona lo que es pertenecer a esta gran familia de strongfirst gracias a @x_fab_69 y a todo el equipo de #strongfirstitaly. Felicidades por el gran trabajo y por la gran organización de la certificación y por dejarme ir como asistente. #bstrong #strength #strong #schoolofstrength

StrongMan is for everyone!! -
Follow our daily workouts for free (link in bio)
Or come join us for a free session on Saturday’s at 10am.
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חוגי הג'אז שלנו ממשיכים גם בקיץ 😊
קבוצות לפי גיל 4-6 ו- 7-10
מספר מקומות אחרונים! *לפרטים והרשמה 0722770780*
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Got a couple projects coming out in the next month so just be ready! #Bstrong

Focused on the next move.

180621 Express Strength
Lower Body Strength and Endurance. Give yourself 10 mins for the Squatbuild and get after the accessory. -
Link in bio
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#BStrong #thisisacrisis #thisisstillacrisis ➡️➡️➡️ ‬www.bethenny.com/bstrong‬ ‪www.bstrongdeliveringgood.org‬

app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/DeliveringGood/BStrong.html ‬‪#100percent of donations go to individuals and families who were affected by recent disasters. @BethennyFrankel #RHONY

👉🏼the ability to change directions quickly without straining your muscles or stressing your joints
👉🏼not just a skill for athletes
👉🏼something you never get “too old” for so long as you continue to move independently
👉🏼we work on it in #100repsadaytobstrong Day 20
“Cassie, I just can’t keep up! It’s not even ‘cause I’m outta breath, I just can’t move that fast!!”
🤓 ehhhh...
Try these things & see if you’re able to speed up!
✔️stay grounded!! As counter-intuitive as that may seem, in order to move so fast it looks like they’re floating, athletes are literally using the ground as the equal & opposite force that allows them to propel themselves with the amount of power & speed that they do. Stay grounded
✔️staying grounded means bending your knees to keep your center of gravity low
✔️bending your knees means you should be hinging your hips - booty back, head forward, spine straight [I went over this a ton more in yesterday’s post about lateral lunges 😉] - so that your center of gravity is centered over your feet. If your center of gravity gets too far in front of/behind your feet, you’ll be off balance & unable to move as swiftly
✔️engage your lats [un-shrug your shoulders] & pull your abdominals tight so that you’re not puffing your rib cage out
Nice, now let’s get to those side shuffle drills!!! [Demo vid of today’s workout is in the next post!!]

Day 20, y’all!! 🙌🏼
The demo video is showing up shortly, but the 1st exercise is a **plank hold** with alternating shoulder taps. Don’t think you’re getting off TOO easy!
Do you often think “I can’t keep up” during athletic drills - not because you’re out of breath, but because you literally can’t keep the pace?! I gotchu - just go to the pic of me doing the Side Shuffle Drill in my new @puma #DEFY 👟😬🔥 to learn how to feel more agile!

Yep that’s my boy, Brandon (aka Big B aka B) on his BigB merch as he calls it. Shirts shorts cups hats you name it. #bstrong

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