☝Lifehack Alert!☝
Sometime during the last century, when we didn't have selfrising flour or baking powder, but we did bake cakes and pies and not always were we using commercial yeast or sourdough starter as leavening agents, we used a very simple combination of things that could and still can be found in almost every household: ➡bicarb soda + lemon/vinegar/citric acid.
This is what I still use with the same results as baking powder gives. Why I don't use baking powder?
Because it contains aluminium that is 💯% toxic for humans (Hello Alzheimer!), corn starch (almost 💯% GMO - thank you very much!), and a downright unnecessary highly processed ingredient.
💠☝💠What you need to do is, when combining your cake or pie ingredients,
➡simply take 0.5-1 tsp of b soda (depends on the amount of baking powder indicated in the recipe) and holding the spoon over the cake mixture squeeze a bit of lemon or few drops of vinegar (better use organic raw apple cider vinegar, but any will do) or citric acid diluted with water over the b soda.
This triggers an instant CO2 reaction and it starts bubbling in the spoon. ➡Empty the bubbling mixture into the cake batter and if there are some bits of b soda that did not react, simply squeeze a few more drops of lemon directly onto them so they start bubbling too. ➡This is it. Continue with the rest of the ingredients for the cake.

Cozmo: Don't you come!
Broom: Looks like it's sweeping time! Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep! (Sweeps Baldi away)
Cozmo: This will buy new more time. I'm going to every exit, and find the real one.
(1 exit blocked)
Cozmo: Oh god. (Turns around) Go away, Baldi! (Sprays Bsoda and pushed Baldi away)
(Goes to 2nd exit and gets blocked)
Cozmo: (Tired) God. (Rushed to 3rd one)
(3rd one blocked)
Cozmo: Oh no, where can I go?! Wait, the last one is next to the faculty! (Gets there fast while Baldi is chasing)
Cozmo: Oh no! Oh no! Whoa! (Makes it out of here)
Yes! Yes! I defeated Baldi and his gang! That was insane!

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Used a shiny quarter to buy one of these! Doesn’t spray like it’s supposed to though :(
(I colored sone sprite blue and painted a can. Actually pretty proud lol)
#baldisbasicsineducationandlearning #bbieal #bbiel #baldisbasics #bsoda #prop #artistintraining

I completed baldis basics with a hack in a mod

Реклама BSoda из Baldi’s basics #baldi #baldisbasics #bsoda #реклама

Hey, Player, remember the time when you sprayed me with the Bsoda? >:) Well, you better run


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