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Dreaming of the weekend.. πŸ˜΄πŸ’•

It's fancy grilled cheese night at our house sooooooo...

One of my most fav bullies of all time - Prague
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Photo by @xxldesignerpitbulls
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My cutest model 😍🍁

Tag a friend to show them some cute @pits and raise awareness for this beautiful breed!
Please follow my other account @Bullies too! πŸΆπŸ˜€

Tad May 2016 - October 2017
❀️ With every part of my heart, with every piece of my soul, I love you ❀️ #mybabyboyTad passed away last week. The effects of his abuse were too much for him to overcome. He was given his peace in our arms, knowing only the deepest of care, comfort, kindness, and love. Our family has been trying to recover this past week. Tad meant so much. He affected hundreds of lives, from everyone who helped him to... me. I love all my kids more than life. But Tad and I had something special happen, we understood each other at the deepest level. From when I met him and picked him up at the hospital, and he folded himself into my arms as if two pieces of a puzzle finally found each other and fit perfectly to make us each whole, we felt we had both come home. To honor the depth at which Tad helped me, I will say that I have been struggling for the past 3 years. Having Tad in my life, seeing his beautiful soul become free made me HAPPY again and filled me with true joy, allowing me to be present and full of love for him and my family again. And, I was proud I was making a difference in this cruel, hate filled, world. Proud that I was doing this with kindness and love, unconditionally, because I loved him that much. I wanted to save him, to forever hold him, cradle him gently, show him not all humans are evil, take his pain and abuse away... smell him, feel him, hear his sighs and snorts, kiss his wrinkled head. My only consolation is that he had a most beautiful 5 months where he knew only the best in people. It’s not enough, but I must focus on how strong he was, how brave, how he made such a profound difference, and to honor him, I’ll always try to live up to his generous and good example. I will never understand such evil that exists, so all I can do is fight with kindness, compassion and love. We will be making a donation in Tads memory to the unbelievable @rescuedogsrocknyc They save the angels no one else will, without hesitation. I will always love and support them for what they do and for giving me my life, my Tad. ANY donation means so much to those they save. It will take a while for us to recover from this. We’re broken. πŸ’”

I was unsure when Mom and Dad first brought you home, but quickly realized how awesome it is to have you as my sister. Life is so much better with you by my side, Zelda. Love, Indie. πŸ‘‰πŸ» @legendofindieandzelda ❀️


Throwing it back to last year’s Halloween shenanigans! Isn’t this just your favorite time of year?
For more pumpkin fun read below πŸŽƒ
It's FINALLY fall, so to celebrate, we're having a contest! The theme is everything PUPKIN! Get creative and show us some fall spirit - featuring some puppies and some pumpkins!
Follow all hosts:
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Post a new photo or repost an old photo of your pup partying with a pumpkin! Caption must include "This is my entry for #everythingpupkin2017 hosted by (tag three hosts)" Tag 3 friends below who might want to participate!
Contest ends October 31 at midnight EST πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ U.S. only (sorry!)

1st Place -
20$ gift card from @pupjoy
2 bandanas from @twocraftyhandsma
15$ gift card from @oliverandmeshop

2nd Place -
10$ gift card from @collarmecharming
RescueWear Item from @nairandbjorn

3rd Place -
Starry Print Bandana from @cavies_in_cozies 🍁🍁Good Luck!πŸ‚πŸ‚
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Emmet & Edith. We adopted Edith less than two months before Emmet was born. With already owning two dogs (one of which is quite challenging), this probably seemed like a ridiculous decision. But we thought that it would be fun for Emmet to grow up with a dog of his own. As it turns out, they REALLY like each other. ❀️

I can think of worse ways to make a living. ALSO, please refer to my post from yesterday to find out how you can help put an end to #breedspecificlegislation in #massachusetts and make life a whole lot easier for #ALLdogs and their owners. #dogrunner #dogrunning #dogadventurer #exerciseyourdog #atireddogisagooddog #atireddogisahappydog #lovewhatyoudo #loveyourjob #loveanimalsdonteatthem #bslsucks #endbsl #responsibleownershipisnotbreedspecific #callyoursenator #callyourstaterep #beactive #betheirvoice

Ooooo that after bath feeling 😏😍

Dreaming of the weekend.. πŸ˜΄πŸ’•

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