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Ball So Hard University #BSHU

Don't lose #fantasyfootball bets in #bshu this us what happens @amaaaanbajaj

Here's a funny story about this photo. The year was 2008 & we were playing the Bengals. Rex Ryan was our defensive coordinator. The game plan typically gets devised on Tuesday. Well the Friday before the game after practice Rex Ryan grabs a twig and draws a play up in the dirt. He says, "yabadabadoo can you get this done? Guaranteed sack." I guess he was too lazy to say BA or Ayanbadejo. I said, "yes coach." My job was to line up on the slot or wide receiver. Pretend I was going to cover him, but it all starts with a jam at the line of scrimmage. Then rush the QB. So we are in the middle of the game. I'm chilling on the side line drinking some Gatorade riding the bench. Didn't play much defense in 2008 since it was my first year in the squad. Rex dials up the play I run onto the field and line up on Probowl wide receiver TJ Houshmanzadeh. Housh looks at me like this LB does not have the skill to cover me. I think to myself imma bang this dude and then smash the QB. Well just how Rex drew it up, I hit housh and then sack Jordan Palmer (I think). 1 defensive play, 1 sack, and sat my ass right back down on the bench. BUT before I did that I celebrated my ass off and flexed like a motherF***er!!!!! Once a raven always a raven #ravens #birdgang #ballsohard #bshu

clip from the game, im forever gon be a head hunter #BSHU
we 2-1 just getting rollin not satisfied w my play last game or this season thus far, i know im better then i push myself to be, i know my play is a result of not really working hard at my craft. everything happens for a reason and im excited cuz its a long season. #PhillySpartans #IFL

New whip wet doe #murderedout #BSHU

You know how I'm ROCKING!!!!!! #BSHU

Great to have this girl home from college for the weekend! #bshu

Played my last official game of soccer in Lafayette tonight. Balling here since 2011 @aweinberg91 #bshu


#mancandymonday to my boyfriend, Dylon πŸ’• Look at what babies we were! Nearly 6.5 years together and he still makes me smile just as big. Love you Damu 😍 #mushygushy #bshu #ballsoharduniversity #2012 #kingwilliam #virginia #throwback #flashback #mcm #goodmorning

10 Turnovers in 2 Games!!!
2 Fumbles and 8 Interceptions!!!! #BSHU

You know how I'm ROCKING!!!!!! #BSHU

1-0 #BSHU

We're both ready for some football #dadandson #BSHU #Ravennation @ravens

You know how I'm ROCKIN!!!!!

#RavensNation πŸ†#PurpleReign πŸ‘Ώ#BaltimoreLoveThing πŸ’œ #TrueNorth πŸ–€#Flock 😈 #Art πŸ™πŸΎ#Defense πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ#ThatWay πŸ†#BSHU 🏈 #Squad

Great to have this girl home from college for the weekend! #bshu

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