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Shouts to this guy for taking me to see my all time favorite artist. Couldn't have had a better night. 😍🤘🏼 #BlakeShelton #BSer #Raelynn #Shefani

Ready for Blake Shelton! #bser

Parabéns irmão @klebinhofortes sucesso.
Parabéns galera da @thesaintmafia
#thesaint #mafiaclub #bser #bserengenharia


Blank Space could not function, or even exist, without our strong team of creative volunteers and liberal sponsors who make up the backbone of the Blank Space community. Once a month, we will give a shout out to someone who is particularly cool and deserving an extra slap on the back for a job well done.

This Month's Blank Space-er is @alexasensi. Alex has time and time again took amazing photographs of our events (including ones I've forgotten to give him credit for), and without him none of you would know what we look like. His bright personality creates a charming atmosphere to work with, and takes beautiful non-invasive shots at our events while making our participants feel at home.

He is flexible and knowledgeable and has no problem taking charge when I'm not sure what I am looking for, and consistently delivers more than I ask for, which is why we recommend him to you now.

Next time you need a photographer, whether for your event, company, or other soul-capturing event, can we recommend giving him a shout?


P.S if this is Austin I still love you! #BlakeShelton #Austin #DoingItToCountrySongsTour #BSer


Finalizando mais uma obra com muito carinho. Simbolizando novamente a união da Engenharia e Arquitetura em nossos projetos. Aproveitando pra deixar a mensagem que a união e o respeito desses profissionais é o segredo do sucesso. #engineer #architecture #santoandre #royale #marcenaria #marmore #bserengenharia #bser #obra #led

#bser 😈

Karaköy - Beyoğlu tarihi tünel, Türkiye'nin İstanbul şehrinde bulunan yeraltı metrosu. 1863'te Londra'da hizmete giren yeraltı toplu taşıma sistemlerinden sonra inşa edilen dünyanın en eski 2. yeraltı toplu taşıma sistemidir
1871'de başlayan ve üç yıl süren inşaatın sonunda 573 metrelik Tünel hattı 17 Ocak 1875'te hizmete başladı. 1910 yılında elektrikli sisteme geçen Tünel, 1939'da İETT genel müdürlüğüne devredildi. 1970 yılında bir Fransız firması tarafından tamamen yenilenen Tünel, 90 saniyede Galata ile Beyoğlu'nu birbirine bağlamaktadır.

The Tünel (English: Tunnel) is a short underground railway line in Istanbul, Turkey. It is an underground funicular with two stations, connecting the quarters of Karaköy and Beyoğlu. Located at the northern shore of the Golden Horn, the underground railway tunnel goes uphill from close to sea level and is about 573 metres (1,880 feet) long.Inaugurated on January 17, 1875, the Tünel is the second-oldest extant subterraneanurban rail line in the world, after the London Underground (1863) and an 1862 funicular line in Lyon that has been converted into an underground. It is thus the oldest surviving underground urban rail line in continental Europe.
#finüküler #90 #saniye #hızlı #bser
#metro #ray #istanbul #oldcity
#underground #karaköy #galata #beyoğlu #iett #history

#Bser 🙋‍♂️🐍👖☀️😽

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