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What are you calling in for yourself and the world with today's big eclipse and new moon?
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In order to say what you want, you must know what you want. In order to know what you want, you need to spend time reflecting upon your core values, beliefs, and desires. Take time before and during today's eclipse to tune into the cosmos within before asking the universal cosmos to co-create the future with you.
This is a potent opportunity to declare intentions for our spiritual development, health goals, professional ambitions and deep desires for the world around us. This solar eclipse presents a potent time to pray for the world, those you love, and your own future. #lunarlogic #moonchallenge2017

So much fun at @usanainc 💖💖 thanks for the fun romper @mendocinoto and for a stage pic @divinementradieuse

It's a great morning to watch the solar eclipse at UBC! #solareclipse2017

Did you make a point of seeing the Solar Eclipse today?? 🌔

I find it's moments like this that bring us back down to earth and make us realize how small we are and that there is so much more to the world than what is directly in front of us. Our friends, family, homes, businesses, pets, hobbies.. they make us, but the universe and mother nature carry us and guide us through this life unknowingly. It's only moments like this that we take a second to appreciate it when I believe we should be giving that gratitude and presentness, each and every day 🙏🏻

While I am no expert when it comes to the moon, or astrology, I did conduct a little research and found out that today, August 21st, the eclipse forms a triangle-shaped alignment with Uranus, which symbolizes innovation, and Saturn, which symbolizes stability. “This eclipse is saying to try something new. You have to evolve and you have to innovate something, reinvent somehow.." ✌🏻

If that's not a sign to get out of your comfort zone, try something new, start something new, or simply accomplish something that's been on your to-do list forever, I'm not sure what is! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I've done just that by updating my Hashtag Hero course and putting it on sale from now until August 25th at 11:59pm PST! 😱

Want to learn more? Click the link in my bio! 👉🏻 @instawithalex

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UBS Independance Marathon - Pratibha - 2nd position #ubs_campus #ubs #marathon #bschool #mba #bba #karjat #ubsrocks #ubsfun #mbastudents #bbastudents

Today's mantra: quality over quantity ✨ I'm reserving my energy + time for people and activities that fuel me...not drain me.

Tuck Looks Up for #eclipse 2017! 🌑😎

💟 Vandaag proosten we op de oprichters, managers, producenten, aannemers, futuristen, beheerders, ontwerpers en producenten.⠀

💟 Vandaag proosten we op jou, omdat jij het lef hebt gehad om voor jezelf te beginnen. ⠀

💟 Vandaag proosten we op World Entrepreneurs’ Day!! ⠀

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ― Rob Siltanen⠀

Enne... voor nu proost ik nog met mijn kop koffie ☕ maar vanavond wordt dat zeker een glas champagne. Vier jij het ondernemersavontuur met mij mee? 🎈⠀



Hey fam! I want you to meet 'Willow' 🐾💕
She spent the day today getting to know her big sister Charlie and definitely kept our house full of life the whole day 🙌🏼☀️ ...this is the aftermath 😂 #pooped
You can see what my weenies get up to on their page @westcoast_weenies 😁 Hope you enjoy!!
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How much time do you have to spend designing on your supporting collateral?
Your print, web and social media graphics are like the accessories you layer on last. And since you’re a busy gal, these graphics probably don’t get a whole lot of consideration because “you ain’t got time for that.” Am I right?

Let’s say you have the time, do you have the ability to design all these things?
If you’re one of the few who knows how to build a WordPress site, then “you go girl!” Or if you can make your way around Canva with ease, then…“yay!” The average girlboss either doesn’t have the time, ability or desire to make all these things. So stopping fighting the good fight and instead, let your girl “handle it” like Olivia Pope. That way, you can just sit back and chill with a big ‘ol glass of red wine—or work on things that will actually make you money. DM me today and let's talk about how I can help save you time, frustration and effort by designing your visual brand.!

What does success look and feel like to you

That's a wrap for Brazil! São Paulo and Rio, I couldn't have asked for more. Marcelo and Nicolae, thank you for being wonderful @bentleygrad ambassadors - next up... Argentina! #thembatour #brazil #alumni #bentleyuniversity #saopaulo #riodejaneiro #ambassador #mba #bschool #recruiterlife #worldismyplayground

DID YOU MISS IT?? If you are a mom & online business owner STOP YOUR SCROLL!
Are the methods you have been taught to grow your business burning you out and not working anymore? Are you exhausted from making a list of 100 friends then messaging all of them to form a relationship to only pitch them your sale? Are you ready to change it up?? Let’s strategize new methods momma!
This week I have opened spots for FREE 30 minute ACTION calls for your business!! I only have a couple spots left so I don’t want you to miss out friend!! Let me tell you about them!!
What is an Action Call?
An Action Call is a FREE (yes I said free ;) ) 30-minute chat with me where I'll give you some actionable to-do items to move you, and your business forward so you can meet your goals FASTER. .
Who are these Action Calls for?
Any mompreneur who wants to grow their business & has big goals with it! You have to be coachable, interested in growing your business on your terms, and open to trying out new ideas and strategies that might not be the "norm".
Sound like something you want to take me up on? These calls are only available THIS WEEK - and I only have a few spots left! Do NOT miss out!
>>Drop an emoji below if you would like the special link to sign up for one!!

How do you tackle your Monday?

For me, it's coffee ( #canigetarefill ) and some good tunes. Specifically the ridiculously talented @lindseystirling .

Who did you jam today? Always looking for more music recommendations. 👇

#PALEO style dinner - beef, salad snd shaved parmesan! Top with olive oil!!😜

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I've been working on some mindset work and I love this thought "When you hold onto negativity you miss the opportunities that are around you. It's like you're yelling at a closed door when there are several open doors around you but you can't see them because your focused on the closed door!" What closed door are you focused on?

😍 Motivation

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Morning 😍

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I know being on social media can be overwhelming as a newbie entrepreneur. Hell, being on social media can be overwhelming to experienced folks as well! But by now, most of us have realized and accepted the fact that being on social media, is a critical piece to growing your business.
I have decided to share 4 common mistakes that newbie entrepreneurs make with their IG posts
1. Not branding your images- Adding your logo, watermark, or website not only gets people in the habit of recognizing your work, but it also forces others to put some respek on ya name when they share your posts!
2. Not posting enough- Post a minimum of once daily! I actually try to post at least 3 times daily, but not more than 5 or 6 times in a day. Why? Because I want my tribe to see that I am showing up daily, but I am also a wife and mother, so I am not here to flood their timeline either!
3. Posting too much- Posting too much and back to back posts are a major turn off and unfollow! Even though you have good intentions, posting too much looks more like spam than true value.
4. Not giving a call-to-action- You have to tell your ideal clients what you want them to do next. If you want them to click here, tag this, double-tap, etc... then you need to tell em!
Click the link in my bio to grab your freebie with 31 Days of IG Posts that will help you free up some time! 📷 credit @the_lux_style

Hey friend, stick true to you. Because if you remain uniquely who you are, if you stay true to your values, and build a business around your unique strengths, then your business will naturally differentiate from others. And the competition you felt like you were up against will melt away, because there is no one else like you. And there is no one who can do it exactly like you. 😘

I love helping clients create businesses and feel confident to find their life calling.
What lights you up?

Our Exec VP and the VPs of Social Media and Consulting are at @loyolaquinlan's #Qimpact2017 welcoming new students, along with @loyolaquinlangba, @luc_gwib, and the International Club. #lucgwib #loyolaquinlan #bschool

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