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Университет СДУ ориентирован на подготовку широко образованных, ответственных, активных и творчески мыслящих специалистов.😎 Жизнь студента в университете Сулеймана Демиреля связана не только с обучением📚, в этот период он становится зрелой личностью, гражданином своего отечества, специалистом.🎓 В этот период студенты развивают свои таланты и способности, познают много нового, принимают активное участие в общественной жизни университета.
Благотворительность, дебаты, спорт, бизнес, танцы, музыка, театральное дело и это далеко не все сферы студенческих клубов.⚽🎯🎶🎸💻🎥📖 Ps: Хочешь стать частью самого лучшего университета страны ? Тогда приходи завтра с утра, приемная комиссия будет ждать тебя 😉

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We are featuring the ever so incredible @julssolomon today on our website (link in bio) ✨ Read the full interview now xx

"You get to network with a lot of firms in the MACC program, whether it’s the Big Four, mid-tier, or private firms. You get that connection in the W. P. Carey School you might not be able to get in another program," says Zach Bellis MACC '16.

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This guy.  He’s the definition of a true friend.  Always there when you need him.  Always ready for a quick chat or a piece of much needed advice when things get tough.  I am truly lucky to call him my friend.  Love you tons, @rickmulready!  Happy, happy birthday. 🎉

Welcoming the Cross Continent MBA Class of 2018 today! #bschool #orientation

What dad doesn't know won't hurt him 😁

The new rain or shine ice cream is open on campus! Have you visited? 🍦🍦📷 by @changfood @rainorshineyvr


Working space for today! #signaturelife💋

You're feeling it aren't you? You're done playing small. You're done settling for unsatisfactory life dynamics. You're ready to fully embody your light, joy and power!! IT'S TIME!! That energy coursing through your body isn't fear; it's AWE! It's the energy of the Divine showing up and calling you into your higher self. Your higher self is joyful, magnificent and brave. All the things you've been through, all the things you've done or not done, all the stuff you use as evidence for your unworthiness--I CALL BULLSHIT! You're worthy!! Let me help you! It's my life's work to help people create a lasting, unshakable relationship with their joy. I want to help you. DM me for details on how sessions work, or email me via the link in my bio @sayyes2joy ✨ I truly believe that you should only take direction from people who are walking a path you believe in, and have achieved/experienced what you want to experience. ✨ If you want to heal yourself from your sadness; if you want to have your voice heard; if you want to create a lifestyle of success and travel and adventure; if you want to get clear on your life purpose; I can guide you. This is my truest gift. I'm overjoyed to share this path with you. Contact me in the bio link @sayyes2joy


Finding out WHY you are WHO you are and WHY you do WHAT you do will make you UNIQUE.

By clearly sharing your story and mission, you will get an instant attraction with your ideal clients as they will recognize themselves in you and you will INSPIRE them to make changes into their lives!

Always remember these 3 points when you share your UNIQUE story and mission:
1- Always link what you do to your big WHY and core values
2- Presence trumps performance. Be confident!
3- Accept & be your authentic self. They’ll resonate with you much more.

Let me help you find your UNIQUE VOICE and STAND OUT with my 5-Video Training + Guidebook!
Click the link in my bio and select "[5-VIDEO TRAINING + GUIDEBOOK] STAND OUT AND MAGNETIZE IDEAL CLIENTS USING YOUR STORY" to learn more about the details.
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When you work together you face some big challenges at times, but there is nothing more fulfilling than to be together not only in life but in business.
Knowing you are growing together on every level strengthens your bond.⠀

Desire and intuition work together. It's a symbiotic relationship. Both require deep feeling, listening and trust. #sensualwomanexperience

We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as we navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. - Michele Obama. #Dallas #dfw #mentorship

🌟V I S I B I L I T Y
Why are we AFRAID 😳😳of being seen? 🙈
Is it that we feel unworthy? A FRAUD? Not good enough? Or that we just don't compare to our competition?
Visibility is something that scares THE HELL out of me 😰😰but is something that I'm ready to face.
I'm organising my personal branding photoshoot 📷📷for August and I'm torn between London or Santorini?!? ☀️
Which place would you prefer for a photoshoot??
Comment below 👇🏻👇🏻

I hope that you are sharing your gifts to the world from a value perspective ... ARE YOU?! The more people you get in front with, the more people you engage with, the more people whose life and businesses you change, the more people that you'll have coming to you literally banging down your doors to work with you.
Always come from a place of intentional value. And then be okay with asking for the sale. Are you asking for the sale in your business?

As you continue to show up in this way, your thoughts will become your actions - and your actions will become your reality xo

What does this look like for you!?

Tell me about yourself. Do you have a business? What do you do and why do you do it? Bonus question: If you were an animal which one would you be?

I'm committed to the success of my clients ❤

Hey girlfriend! I see that your trying to be successful, you want to make 6 figures, you want to have more income, and you want more freedom in your biz.
I understand, come join my FREE Funnel Queens 👸🏻Facebook Group and let's get you some passive revenue. Go to my BIO LINK 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
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Volunteering for a good cause 👏❤️ #ubcsaudersummer 📷 by @sauder.jdcwest - Our team had the MOST fun volunteering today with the @bcchf at the @whitecapsfc selling 50/50. Today we raised $31,000 for the kids! Shoutout to @gracehurcules for her hot hot dance moves!

"Success often comes just one step beyond the point at which you feel overtaken by defeat" - Napoleon Hill . . . .
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**Take action out of excitement and ambition**⠀
//rather than fear and anxiety//⠀
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How often do you invest in yourself? ⠀

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New brand for Biyou - a southern US client who's about to launch her new restaurant. Offering a fresh approach to timeliness cuisine - Southern classics with Cajun fusion. Delish!

Our Graduate Admissions Managers continue their travels today #DanielsOnTheRoad after a successful #MBATour fair and panel in Chicago, it's off to Washington, DC!! We are meeting the best and brightest business leaders of tomorrow, and introducing them to the next generation of technical skills and business acumen needed to succeed in the current marketplace. .
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