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NEXT STOP: Power Shift Ministries, All Saints Rd - Fri 17th March 7:00 p.m. invite ya peeps!

Catch me n da squad bout to roll out, Jumpin' on da stage bout to pass out,
Jesus paid the price, imma cash out
Covered in the blood we about to sprout

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#ChurchTour #WayUp #BRTM #PassOut

I'm stoked I have found something that I am so passionate about. I love everything about fly fishing and am thankful I have discovered it #flyfishing #blueridgetroutmasters #brtm

Congrats for #brtm n all da best for ur future Adib! @adib_brtm2016 #seriangkasa2016
πŸ’„πŸ’‡ @chark_old
πŸ‘— @ooicouture
Terima kasih coz mencantikkan saya 😘

It's one thing when people sing along to the hooks of the hit songs, but when you see someone singing the intro passionately, word for word that's just Cray! Week 1 it was! #LIT #WayUpChurchTour Never a dull moment with the Squad! Thanks to everyone who made this possible so far, all the artists, the camera guys, our sound engineer, First Church for hosting us and most importantly all you who came out to rock with us! #SeeYouAtWeek2 #BRTM #WayUpChurchTour

Alhamdulilah dapat berselfie bersama #Ratu #Dangdut mami @masidayu1001 mmg terbaikk dia nyayi smlm smpai kmbang buluh roma @bbwazir92 hahaha...Comment2 kepada perserta #Brtm pun isi2 peting.#Brtm2016 smga mereka terus maju jaya dan berjaya. Mami stay muda n sehat ye...tkcre... Tq @iekaspa_sz n Team #Hafiz #Brtm

BRTM tour last night #wayup #brtm #squad #djlife🎧

Kami di #BRTM #BRTM2016
Menyokonggg @heymuaz @djsonic @aamyrarosli .
Tapiiii choppp.. Ada nmpk Amar Baharin takk??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š.. Kemain myra mlarikan diriii yeee.. Hahaha
Happeningg n bestt πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


Stay Bukit BatuBini(Hulu Sungai selatan) Kandangan
#Southbanua#banuaku#bukitbatu#stayfamily#bigboss#Brtm#photographi#Gerraldo#thankss All

memandangkan video klip -
Semuanya Dah Terjadi blum shooting jadi sy gunakan slide gambar utk promosi lagu ni. semoga kerjasama kami berhasil mana taw
Pemenang / peserta MRK KV 2017 bakal membintangi MTV - Semuanya Dah Terjadi. ciptaan sepenuhnya by Ajai.
apa2 pun kita hanya mampu merancang dan tuhan menentuknnya. bgtu jg dgn rezeki. yg ptg usaha dlm mencapai sesuatu yg anda inginkan , bukan utk kesenangan tetapi kepuasan. teruskan request single terbaru beliau di corong2 radio @rosario_bianis
#iLovemyfriend #supertalented #brtm #juarasugandoi #mrkkv helo @matic.fm @nasionalfm @klfm97.2 tq so much #rtm kerana bnyk memberi peluang kpd bakat2 baru utk berkarya , produk #RTM berkualiti. @sallehsaidkeruak #singer #talent #publicfiger #malaysia #sumandak

Selamat Pagi . throwback kejayaan MR. Kaamatan Klang Valley 2016. harap ianya berjaya pada tahun 2017. tq kawan2 yg bnyk membantu dlm menjayakan program ini. mesti korang tercari2 siapa penyanyi lagu background kan? Ini lah lagu single terbaru dari @rosario_bianis Juara Sugandoi Sabah 2014 & Juara Bintang RTM 2016 . lagu berjudul - SEMUANYA DAH TERJADi ciptaan Sepenuhnya : Ajai .. semoga anda terhibur #brtm

Campanha rolando para o Novo Kinsan na Pelinca que tivemos o prazer de criar! #brainstorm #brtm #photoshop #design

We da boys, with that hype noise, rapping with that hype voice, we turn up, rejoice, sins paid, no invoice

NEXT STOP: Cana Moravian in Swetes, this Fri (Mar 31) @ 7:00 p.m.
#BRTM #WayUp

Me: I want a plait up like Lecrae
Sis: No problem, me go sort you out!
After she done *watch me and burst out laughing*
Sis: Wait till Jermaine see you tonight! *Goes to event with Wave cap*
*Takes off Wave cap*
Squad *Laughs Hysterically*
Squad: Pardi put that back on! Wenk Kaye do you so!? Wa you do she!?
Luke: Bass you look like one Lizard
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Week 3 it was! #WayUpTour #CrazyHair #DontCare #StillSavedNLoveJesus #Squad #BRTM #WayUp #SeeYouAtWeek4

WAY UP Church Tour continues tonight @ Potters Pentecostal @7:00pm "I got friends all over, they praise Jehovah, without fear they got a passion, can't be taken over, reppin' Christ, rep for life, it's not mine, no it's not my life, praise the King til the day i die, til the day I rise to the sky. Life is not Vics, but life is a vapour, so I gotta rub it in, give your life to the Saviour, don't be deceived by Lucifer, mek dem know who stand for, like [Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some Jesus in it]

#BRTM #WayUp

All roads lead to Potters Pentecostal Church as the BRTM Way Up Tour continues tomorrow @ 7:00 p.m.
We have with us a power packed artist collaboration as we continue to go WAY UP!!!! #BRTM

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