Brownout heads out on tour in June 2018 in support of our newest album "Fear of a Brown Planet" available on Fat Beats records, May 25th and featuring the music of Public Enemy as you've never heard it before!
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Video by Diego Lozano

Yesterdays TacoFest was the bomb. Music line up was amazing and of course tacos 🌮 from resurrected #AlamoIceHouse were on point with their 2nd place win. #brownSabbath #brownout #girlinacoma #lasantacecilia #bombasta

San Antonio will always be a metal city, even my ol’ rocker uncle would have been rockin’ out like a mother 🤟🏽 #brownsabbath #thatfringeshirttho😍 #tacofest2018

Fairies wear boots. I wear chanclas. #brownsabbath #blacksabbath

Unfortunately we won’t be able to make tonight’s show at Viva Poesia but we’ll be back for @tacomusicfest NEXT SATURDAY in San Antonio, TX along with our other band @pinataprotest and a plethora of kickass bands! #LosNumberThreeDiners #FeminaX #SantiagoJimemez #MoneyChicha #GirlInAComa #PinataProtest #ConjuntoNuevaOla #BrownSabbath #TopoChica #Volcan #GrupoFrackaso #EddieAndTheValients #LosDeEstaNoche #Bombasta #JesseBorregoYLosMuertos #PiñataProtest #TallercitoDeSon #MariachiNuevaEstilo

Doom Side of the Moon is the brainchild of The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt. All songs are doom metal takes on Pink Floyd classics. The project also features other members of The Sword as well as members of Brown Sabbath, Black Joe Lewis, and Croy and the Boys. This 12” single sided Encore EP is the follow up to the full DSOTM tribute album. It’s pressed on "sludged out green" vinyl and features 3 other Waters / Gilmour compositions not found on the original DSOTM record. Cover art by Christopher Schultz. 1/1000 copies.
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"Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath", is the debut album from the 9 piece band, "Brownout," and was released in April of 2014. This brown swirl vinyl double LP is amazing. The band from Austin TX, is a proto-Latin funk band, that innovates the music of Black Sabbath. You have never heard anything like this! Adrian Quesada (band leader and singer,) and arranger Mark "Speedy" Gonzales use the band's 3 piece horn section to deliver Tony Iommi's guitar parts. They are big, noisy, ugly, and nasty; add the multi part percussion section and a fuzzed out bass and you have one of the "heaviest" party records of the last decade. It's pretty awesome and "sacrilege" at the same time, (dont mess with Sabbath music.) This whole thing started when the band was trying to break up a long club engagement by offering something new for its audience each night. Every night was devoted to covering the music of a single artist. The Sabbath set took off. "Brownout" mixed the vocal interpretations for "The Wizard," "N.I.B.," "Hand of Doom," and "Planet Caravan" (by 3 different singers) with blistering instrumental reads of "Iron Man," "Black Sabbath," and "Into the Void." Sabbath's music lends itself surprisingly well to the layered, interpretive percussion and brass because its riffs are so enormous. The 2nd release is "Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, Vol. II". For this next collection of material from the godfathers of metal, they've included reworked versions of “Fairies Wear Boots,” “Snowblind” and “Supernaught,” “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and “Symptom of the Universe.” Classic Rock Magazine stated that “the horn arrangements felt like they had always been there.” The music from Brownout ultimately made its way to Ozzy Osbourne himself who raved, “it’s fucking awesome, this fucking Mexican guy sounds just like me,” ultimately garnering the band an invitation to perform at the Ozzfiesta in Mexico. I am a die hard Sabbath fan. Call me crazy, but I really dig this band and what they've done with Sabbath's music. I saw them live in 2016 at the Peach Music Fest, and they rocked it out. Check them out, you'll be glad you did. #brownout #brownsabbath #blacksabbath

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