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It's Throwback Thursday!
Here are 4 of my favorite throwback photos from @veteranas_and_rucas. •SWIPE LEFT for more photos•

Photo 1: Luz, Spyder and their son
Disneyland in Anaheim CA 1999

Photo 2: A couple (students at East Los Angeles College), hanging out where The Vincent Price Museum is located today.
Photo: @edruv

Photo 3: Frankie from the Harbor Area and Lowrider model, Dazza in 1991/1992 at the Los Angeles Lowrider Super show.
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Photo: @mcpancho2
Photo 4: Maricela Silvia's 18th birthday party at her grandmother's house on Delta Street in Shell Town, San Diego
Feb 1 1968
Photo: @nicofronterizo23 —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency #BrownIsBeautiful ✊🏾

Brown is beautiful. When you see how culture affects culture in a positive uplifting way then mission accomplished! Collaboration with @problak for hubweek #marka27 #neoindigenous #streeart #universal #prayforpuertorico #prayformexico #prayfortheworld #prayforamerica #brownisbeautiful #staywoke #montana94 #streetartandgraffiti #streetchilango #mexicanartist #hustlehard

Quick picture. #EidMubarak! Outfit by @officialfahadhussayn it's gorgeous! Thank you! Though it's not my Eid outfit. #ArmeenaKhan #Casual #Tanisbeautiful #Brownisbeautiful

We are resilient, we won't stop!!
Rally outside of the Atlanta Detention Center.

It means so much to me when you guys let me know that I inspire you to go vegan or even when you let me know that you have made healthier eating habits! In the future imma have a @healthyhyna x @profitprincesa night for everyone that rocks with me and we're gonna have live banda, a dj, bomb vegan food, drinks and everythang! 💃🏽

Whenever he’s in town, trouble ensues! #BrownIsBeautiful #dcliving

I don't try to be sexy but if you are sexy ,it comes out 😉😘💋#brownisbeautiful


Omg!! See Brown bread with hot peppersoup😍😍
@Symplysimi, you are symply gorgeous👅👅👅

Shout out one of your strongest homegirls in the comments to show her some love & support!
Homegirls - empowered women who stick together for our brown people! 💪🏽 .
#BrownIssues #WakeTheGiant #BrownIsBeautiful #Homegirls #Homegirl
#HermanasChingonas #HermanasUnidas #HermanasGuerreras #ChingonasUnidas #HomegirlsRiseUp #HomegirlsUnite #HomegirlsPorVida #HermanasPorAmor #mejoresamigaspordecisión #LatinaEmpowerment #SangreLatina #UnidaEstamos #Sisterhood #Luchadoras

Finally, an Indian brand to create a revolution in the skincare industry. Indian skincare market is flooded with products that are formulated, developed and tested in western countries. These countries don’t face the harsh abuse from pollution, heat and the UV that our skins face everyday
We need protection from much more than the UV and that our Indian genes cause our skins to be more sensitive to pigmentation.Presenting @drsheths products that are specially designed for Indian skin
1) Basic Brightening Daily Sunscreen - 1,899 INR/100 ml 950 INR/50 ml - protects against UVA and UVB, and also works to hydrate and de-pigment. extreme matte finish, light weight, no white cast.
2) Dr. Sheth's Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser - 699 INR/50 ml  blends rosehip seed extracts along with vitamin E to provide repair against pollution induced damage. Its coconut cleansers and almond oil provide you with a deep cleanse that brightens the skin without drying it out. address intense pollution and dust that Indian people face. Deep cleanses pores, gives you a fresh, hydrated and bright glow.
3)  Basic Brightening Sheet Mask - 375 INR ; only sheet mask exclusively designed for Indian skin tones, this mask is perfect for long commutes or flights. It battles pollution, stress-induced damage and dull skin, all at once.
4) Basic Brightening Vitamin Glotion - 1599 INR/50 ml ; A high dose of vitamins A, E and C work together to provide Indian skin the repair it needs. Grapefruit extract spices up the cocktail and supplements the vitamin C to address issues like micro-pigmentation and dullness.
5) Dr. Sheth's Basic Brightening Youth Glotion - 1699 INR/50 ml ; only product on the Indian market that combines a high dose of niacinamide along with hibiscus extracts, citrus unshui extracts and orange oil for a super brightening effect.
6) Ultimate Brightening Youth Enhancer - 2250 INR; The high potency blend of actives like kojic acid and vitamin A battle age related pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils and wheat sugars all work to keep the skin hydrated and plump.
#drsheths #skincare #indianskin #luxuryskincare #brownskin #niacinamide #makeupholicworld

I've been feeling wiped out. As a birth worker it feels like my responsibility to stay tuned in to my own body, aware of the natural cycles influenced by the earth, moon, sun and community. Yet I feel like my busy schedule is leaving me so tired and disconnected from the beauty of my own body process. It's an interesting paradox. City life has me down. I dream of a time and place with roots in the land. There it is easier to remember viscerally that we are always dancing with the forces of creation. Art by a friend #uteruslove #mooncycle #brownisbeautiful

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