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माणसाला यश मिळवणे हे कोणाच्या आधारावर नसते😊 तर ते चांगल्या विचारावर असते😘
@vaibhav_borate__8484 😎@tejaskhurpe😎@suraj_kotwal_ 😎@Vickybro

Unfortunate not to be blessed with a brother or brothers all girls in my house hold lol. But if I did wish they were like @martyv08 @preyes09!! You guys are like little brothers to me!! The passion and the love for the game we all love so much brought us closer⚽️💪🏾!! Keep working, you guys are going be ⭐️⭐️💫💫!! #futurestars #futuresoccerstars #family #brothers😎 #youngerbrothers #soccerislife⚽️❤️


How can life get any better than this? I love being a mommy to these handsome boys. My oldest made me tear up a bit at the bus stop this morning seeing him go off on his last day of first grade. I know its cliche but I've never felt a love comparable to a mother's love for her children. 👦🏻👶🏻 #brothers😎 #mommysboys💙 #motherhood #lifeisbeautiful #enjoythelittlethings #enjoythemwhileyoucan

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