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We are so privileged to do what we do. As a fan reminded me this week, "you have the best job in the world". It is my job to entertain, to help you feel or help you not feel, to help you jump in or escape from it all. Yet another tragedy reminds us of how it can all be over so fast. So many thoughts hit me... and I eventually get to "what can I do?". What comes up is Create. Make something. Build something. And again I am #blessed to be able to do that with my #brothers and for so many good people, who want to feel every emotion or escape it all. Tonight I'll sing for all those who can't tonight. And dance for all those who can't tonight. And while holding all those trying to cope close to our hearts, we will somehow celebrate life. Xoxo thanks for letting me share. I'll see you out there.

"I don't want a brother- brothers are stinky" 😩


i told you so. Two #brothers - Different parties - same objective -Get @lalitkmodi - who gave @iplt20 to india and who unified india & the indian cause on the eve of 10th anniversary ipl final that #unites india 🙏🏾

Took a sea plane up to the Yasawas to see the manta rays for a quick day trip. Well, the mantas decided not to show up this day. Rain or shine, mantas or not, we still had a great time. After the pilot learned of our iguana project, he made a generous detour to go do a few laps around Monuriki Island to top off the day. #seaplane #daytrip #islandtour #dangmantarays #noluck #goodtimes #fiji #brothers #islandlife #flyinghigh #fijiislands #monurikiisland #sunglassesandadvil

Such an honor to meet @mrsilverscott & @mrdrewscott 🌹😍 Looking forward to talking again soon! 💙 #thescottbrothers #propertybrothers #destinymalibu

The Seventh Brothers Army

Status : 3 Pria Keluarga dan 4 Pria Perjaka 😎
#perwira #paskhas #tniau #brothers #army #semangat


"We're celebrating Frankie's (left) adoptiversary/birthday early because we'll be out of town for the big day (bad parenting, I know). To make up for it, Frankie and Scout got a bison burger cake.
This little nugget has come so far in the past year. 9 year old Frank adores brother Scout, loves going on hiking and camping adventures and has a new-found affinity for beets and asparagus. Frank is still wary of strangers that don't have dogs, so we keep a bag of treats outside the front door when new people come to the house. Frank hasn't met a treat (or a treat-bearing human) he doesn't like. He's also working hard to eradicate all the squirrels from the neighborhood, though he hasn't caught one yet.

Little Frank's adoption profile said that he'd prefer to be an 'only dog' and that he didn't get along with other male doggies. We always said we were a one dog family. And we also said no dogs on the bed. So you never know.

Thanks to Humane Society of Fremont County and Susie's Senior dogs for bringing Frankie into our family! We can't imagine life without him. -Ellen" ❤️#seniordog #colorado #adopted #thegoodlife #brothers #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop


My older brother is my only sibling we fight like crazy but I would be down to fight like crazy for him. Miss calling him names and bothering him lol and all our movie Nights #mybrother #family #brothers

💚Tava aqui lembrando💚
'O dia em que a vivi fala que vai sentir saudades do BBB17 {MAS.. eu vou morrer real assim morrer morre morrido* kkkkk 😂😂} E declara amor por Ex-brothers Owwtsss que Fofiss 😊❤' @eumayaramotti
Amoooo! 👏😍🔥💥
#RelembrandoMomentos do BBB17
#bigbrotherbrasil #redebbb17 #bbb #redeglobo #brothers #sisters

#legday trying to get comfortable in this singlet! banging #squats with #minime as my spotter and #motivator in the second clip, thanks @saint_noah @dylanreed671 boys wanted to #benchpress for fun after sooo here ya go (no individual was physically hurt in any clip) #almosthadit #🤣 #squat #skwaats #powerlifting #brothers #cumminspowermethod #671barbell #motivation #family

🍰🍰Happy birthday Raj bro... 🍰🍰@rajsingh24598
#happy #birthday #brothers #hbd #birthdaycake #birthdayboy

#brothers All in one frame😍

Probably, the best picture of three of us.
#Brothers #CelebrateLife

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