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Brotherly love 💙💙💙💙 We sure did miss the little guy and are soaking up every moment we get to love on him, even coming in from potty breaks 😁 Roo is still recovering but is very slowly and cautiously easing back into his regularly scheduled days of noozles and rascalities. You just can't stop this kind of love ❤️We are over halfway to our fundraising goal 🙌 (link in bio) and there's no question as to what we will be thankful for tomorrow and always! 🙏💗🐶🍗
#fosterlove #brothers #bulldogbrothers #wearefamily #brotherlylove #loveheals #houseofmiracles #montyandroo

Jamie and Jordie Benn got into it after the whistle during the #Stars and #Habs game. #BrotherlyLove

~ Goodnight ~ 😁💓 ( can y’all say it back to make my night ) 😉 @mini_thermm #brotherlylove #littlebrother

❤️These two😍❤️ Have you ever thought, maybe we’re the ones MISSING the “extra” chromosome? 🤔😊. I think when we get to Heaven and are filled with love and joy in our perfect state, we will be much more like these boys and their fellow chromosomally enhanced friends. I’m not saying they are perfect, sinless, aren’t mischievous (haha!)😏 or can’t throw a good fit every now and again, some days more than others. I’m just talking about that innocent, unconditional love and joy that they tend to come by easier than so many of us. It really is such a gift!! I thank the Lord for Down syndrome and praise Him that my boys were gifted with that extra chromosome!! *
#thankful #godisgood
#wonderfullymade #downsyndrome #downrightwonderful #psalm139 #brothers #brotherlylove #downsyndromeadoption #theluckyfew #myboys #kidsofinstagram #toddler

Teddy really doesn’t understand personal space 🙄#brotherlylove

Riley has an amazing night this week, and did a great job reading to Leo. There was a time when we worried Riley might not be able to read. He has surprised us all. #twodads #memoriesmade #familyforever


My brother is thankful for AJ (aka me) #brotherlylove #brosarebros #hashtag #thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!🍁 Colt and Nic decked out in their Thanksgiving Day attire and ready for nap.😂.

A year ago today we received “the call”. I screamed with excitement in our dear facilitator’s ear as she told me that we had received a date, and it was less then a week away, for our appointment in Ukraine to meet Nic for the first time and begin the final process to bring him home. That will probably be my greatest Thanksgiving memory I could possibly have.
We have so much to praise the Lord for today and all year, in the “good” times. AND in our “difficult” times that I couldn’t begin to list it all. But today, one year later, I am thankful for redemption. I could have never foreseen the transformation we would be witnessing over the next year, a picture of the hope and redemption that love brings and just a small picture of our own adoption by our Father in Heaven, brought out of hopeless darkness and redeemed by the mercy, love and goodness of God.
#redemption #adoption #downsyndromeadoption #thankful #unconditionallove #proudmom
#wonderfullymade #Godisgood #brothers #brotherlylove #theluckyfew #downsyndrome #myboys #kidsofig #toddler

Putting the baby brother on air. He looks pretty good in bunkers, don't you think? #firefamily #brotherlylove #fortcollins #desanti #coloradofirefighters

I want to take the time to thank you...things with my mom have been shaky..theyve always been that way but its recently gotten more combustible and when i needed it u and ur mom took me in..ik i really havent been updating u guys on anything since then but i just wanna thank ur mom James and thank u for sitting on that couch the night the cops were called and assuring me things would get better
I am thankful for u 💯
#happythanksgiving #brotherlylove

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