I spot a wedding guest dancing in the background 👋

This pile of carnation Mala garlands was from the SECOND wedding we did this season at @honeysucklehill for two Indian brides and I’m wondering if this is a niche market for which we can somehow be known as the first-call florist. 💐👰🏾👰🏾💐

Soooo soooo SO excited for Thanksgiving next week! Spent an hour or two looking up new thanksgiving recipes on Pinterest😍 (If you have any favorite sides or meals send them my way 🦃) Can’t wait to stuff my face with yummy food and spend time with my loved ones💕

Bride, groom, and an elbow of a brooklyn commuter.

— goofing off in the park with your best friend 🙌🏼 ✘

focused on the hands

Monday 😘. K & M.

Athena + Aron
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"In New York, anything is possible!" these are the words these two left me with after an incredible mini session on the Brooklyn Bridge last week! We went from strangers to friends in minutes. It was their first day in New York and my last, and I'm so grateful our paths crossed to make this shoot happen.

Those intimate, emotional, romantic moments🖤

It’s one of those days where even my coffee, needs a coffee ☕️

Bar hang-outs ftw!

Feeling grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and photographed this autumn season 🤩🧡#fallingforfall

Another beautiful album is on its way to its forever home and just in time to enjoy it with family at Thanksgiving next week. 💞 Karen and Bill chose a classic black leather album and it's a stunner! Wishing them a lovely evening curled up on the couch, wine in hand, and their first family heirloom on their lap. 🍷 #idaliaphotographyheirlooms #printyourmemories

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