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Hey guys!!! Soooo sorry for the inactivity lately! I have been over whelmed with finals!! But school is over now so I will have a lot more time to post!! Also thank you sooo much for 1K!!! Photo creds to @bandbinreallife #brooklynmcknight #baileymcknight #brooklynandbailey

Life is simple. Make the most out of it 🌺🍃✨ #BBSimpleThings #brooklynandbailey @brooklynandbailey
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Hope y'all like this one with Brooklyn, I love this photoshoot that they've done!💖
CHALLENGE: Like this post with your nose! (Inspired by @asaandbailey , and I think she got hacked and I'm so sorry for her I miss ya girl)😭😭
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I bet y'all had so much fun!! Y'all look SOO cute together!! ❤️❤️😘😘 #basia #parklyn

PLEASE TAG THEM BELOW!! @brooklynandbailey @asa_howard #basia #parklyn #brooklynandbailey

i still can't get over how cute they look in this picture// i mean thy have grown into some amazing women who inspire everyday// ive always got you're backs girlies💘💘 #brooklynandbailey #Brooklynandbaileyg


Meghan and Daryl making some music together 😋

[PLEASE READ THIS IT IS SO IMPORTANT!!!]....Why is there a lot of hate towards these girls I'm not only talking about their recent video I'm talking about the certain amount of hate they get from people who can't do a bit of what they did on everything they do...*New song by Brooklyn and Bailey*...Un-important people: "Too much auto tone these girls can't do anything they're only famous for their rich parents and they have no talent!" ...*Brooklyn and Bailey just uploaded a video*...Again with the same people: "Are you 6?! this is so dramatic grow up I used to love you you live in pure luxury and you have no problems and nothing to worry about blah blah...So what do you think?! They have a perfect life free of problems and mistakes they just came down from heaven and living a perfect life full of everything?! If you think like that then please go wash your brain (No offense to people who express their opinion as a feedback) Nobody like not a single person on Earth is free of flaws we all make mistakes, we all have personal problems we go through ups and downs cuz that's what we're made for we're humans and guess what!...they are too yes they're normal people who seeked their goal in life and achieved it by hard work if you worked hard to achieve your goal it won't be impossible Mindy and Shaun started this family in a small house and they mentioned that in a vlog it all started with their mom's little hobby that she shared with people to learn.. she is an example of a great supporting mother she created huge dreams from her kids.. also remember that these girls help a lot of people and they donate a lot of stuff to poor countries they participate in a lot of things that can be a little help for tons of people Ik you're bored reading all this but these girls deserve more appreciation.. Is it a lot to have successful people on our planet! to know that their is an example for us to follow..These girls doesn't deserve all this hate they are so nice and close to their fans we're a family they even didn't pay a hint of attention to all this hate cuz they know we support them all the time and we'll always will #cuzwearebraileyers repost this picture w/ #BBSTOPTHEHATE

DONT JUST VIEW!!! Like!! -repost bc there was a black line:(( but hannie is together so get hyped!!!
- {@acroannnie commented on the one I deleted smfmsjsk}
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New edit
I'm honestly so proud of you Meghan you went from writing songs in your bedroom to winning a Grammy sold out shows hit songs and many more things and also thank you for helping me love myself with your amazing love yourself anthems I love you too the moon and back I can't wait for your new music (Tag Her) @meghan_trainor (My Audio Give Credit If You Take)

New edit
I actually like this edit
I love you know you lit
It's such a bop honestly
Comment your Opinions
Tag them plz @lucas_dobre @marcusdobre @cyrusdobre @dariusdobre

Brooklyn reaction is so funny! LOL! @brooklynandbailey #brooklynandbailey #brooklynandbaileyclips

That beautiful smile❤️❤️❤️❤️ @veronicamerrell @vanessamerrell @merrelltwins #twinner#twinners#twinnersarewinnerss#instafamous#instacute#merrelltwins#teamroni#teamnessa#instabeautiful#instadaily#goodmorning#dailypost#kenzieziegler#brooklynandbailey#workit#instapic#merrellbaby#cuties#instatwins
Buy these socks from the great Merrell Twins @merrelltwins -
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Go watch the Merrell twins on YouTube they are awesome and don't forget to #likethis#like#comment
- one of the cutest photos I've seen of her❤️ #lovethem#merrelltwinners#themerrelltwins

Sorry for being inactive!! I'm back!! Also if you dont already go follow my other acc @brookorbai I try and post daily!! #brooklynandbailey #Braileyerart #BrooklynMcknight #BaileyMcknight #BandB #BBsquad #Baisa #Parklyn @brooklynandbailey @asa_howard

Love you bai 😘 ❤️ soo cute
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