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Brooklympics 2014 Just got KOOLER

Register: brooklympics2014.eventbrite.com "Bring Your Cooler"
No Glass Bottles or Oversized Coolers

Location: South Shore HS
East 76th & Flatlands Ave
10 TEAMS – 1 winner 1 trophy 🏆

Register with your Team.
Blue - Team RumJumbies
Green - Team Graduates
Red - Team Code Red
White - Team Thiefheadcrew (THC)
Purple - Team SLI
Orange - Team Ivybez (Ninjas)
Pink – 4Bidden
Neon Green – D’Savannah
Black – Team Press Play
Yellow - Freedom Promo
Needle and thread
Walk and Whine Race
Pickyeaters Race
Lime and Spoon
Three Legged Race
Balloon Race
Beer Drinking Race
Blindfold Race
Piggy Back Race
Musical chairs
Tug A War
Simon Says
Small Goal
Men/Women Sprint
Men/Women Sprint Relay

Walk and wine 🙈😭😭 #brooklympics

#PressPlayBOYS hmmm lol... Should I even say anything? Thank god U could play music and u from de Bella... Otherwise crapo smoke yuh pipe... I'm a llow u for now, we need somebody to play the music hahahah PRESS PLAY BOYSSSSS


The view.
Last NY pic I swear. Lol
#brooklympics #NYC

Fast City


Chill. #brooklympics

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