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lost and insecure you found me
thank you for 11.7k!!
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the best friendship
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come my way | mis madres [dt to every oth&tw follower i have which are a few ❤]

[1x10] Brooke or Peyton?
Be nice, please. I know there is some opinions on these two, but keep it nice! :) #onetreehill #oth #peytonsawyer #brookedavis #breyton

I don't like Rachel
Also I hope I set a timer for my cookies🍪
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sorry i'm mia i'm home for spring break, but i'll be back.

i hate seeing my babies cry :(
cc httpnewt / first ae edit! it's ugly I'm sorry :/

the cutest character to ever grace your television screen
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Character analysis:
Character you look up to:
• Brooke Penelope Davis
She may be my least favorite girl out of Braleyton but B. Davis is truly a blessing with an incredible development -
#oth #onetreehill #brookedavis #ceciandaya #caya

Okay. Two things to say around this scene. 1. BROOKE LOOKS SO GOOD. Idk what's she did in this particular scene but she looks bomb af and I just can't get over it. HER MAKEUP, HER HAIR, HER ENTIRE BEING IS SO GOALS OMG OMG.
2) JEYTON. JEYTON, JEYTON, JEYTON. What can I say about my little babies. I love them sm and I'm so sad that they ended the way they did. Don't get me wrong, I like Leyton, but Jeyton is so cute and they should have gotten more than they did. ALSO PEYTONS LITTLE GIGGLE AND LOOK AT JAKE IN THE LAST SCREENCAP KILLS ME. IM NOT BREATHING. ~~~
{qotp: did you like Jake?}
{aotp: OMFG YES. Jake has always been a favorite from day one. He was there for Lucas when Nathan was being a jerk and he was just the cutest dad. ALSO JEYTON. JEYTON. I LOVE JAKE JAGIELSKI AND I MISS HIM SM}
[fc: @holidaygreys] [scc: @screencapsofoth]

Ayee I haven't posted in a while but later I'm gonna post my top 15 females bc I'm super bored

switch it up🔄

Does it annoy anyone else when someone says things like 'it doesn't matter that Peyton cheated Bc Brooke and Haley cheated too' or 'it doesn't matter that Brooke cheated Bc Peyton and Haley did too' etc,, like yes they've all cheated at one point or another but just because one cheated it doesn't magically make cheating ok for the other two lmao😳 .
#onetreehill #brookedavis #sophiabush #oth

*MY EDIT* ik this isn't oth related, but I absolutely love the show friends and I definitely recommend you guys watch it💓 #onetreehill #onetreehillvideo #peytonsawyer #brookedavis #lucasscott #nathanscott #haleyjamesscott #oth #othvideos #monicageller #chandlerbing #friends

Top 10 Female Character:
1. Brooke Davis-Baker

brooke has been my #1 for such a long time. she is such a inspiration towards all people. she has been through so much and dosent let that get to her. also can't forget how hot she is!!! there will never be a day where brooke penelope davis is not my favorite character of all time. [credit to @teambdavis @multiscott @multixdanvers @othedits]
{#brookedavis #oth #onetreehill #brulian}

#onetreehillchallenge — day four: favorite friendship

i know they're brothers but family can also be best friends like my mom is my best friend so yah

( theme divider part 3 ) i kinda love this edit so much and naley is soooo cute. comment what you think. if you repost, please give credit 🌺💛
fc 2551
qotp: [ haley ] or nathan .
. ----------------------------------------------------
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