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Sunlight reflection in a late Bronze Age ship at the huge Bro Utmark site. The rock carving area is 80 meters long in total and contains 338 individual pictures, including 112 ships.

Rustic silver pendant with Bronze Age rock carvings.
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#tbt to 94 years ago. This is one of the older photographs picturing the Bohuslän rock art that we’ve seen. The photographer Dan Samuelsson was contracted by the Swedish Tourist Association to travel throughout Bohuslän to take pictures of the tourist attractions. In June 1924 he visited Backa in Brastad and took this picture of the rock carvings and a (presumably) local boy. Just in front of the boy you can barely see a the large human figure known as the Shoe maker. Pinch zoom is your friend. Source: Bohusläns museum.

Getting ready for #internationalpancakeday. They don’t make the griddles like they used to, though.

Testing the swipe function on a panorama of the Åby panel. ⬅️👆➡️

A bull and two boat at Aspeberget. The shape of the larger boat indicates that it was made in the beginning of the Bronze Age. The bull can also be dated to the start of the period. Scholars have argued that the bull was introduced as a rock art symbol in Scandinavia as a result of impulses from eastern Mediterranean, where the bull was an established ritual feature. This theory is supported by the fact that some of the early Bronze Age metal objects found in Scandinavia are made from copper ore mined on the island of Cyprus. Another interesting detail is the curly extensions on the stem. These lines are much narrower and shallower than the rest of the boat and was carved at a later date. The boat have consequently been updated during the Bronze Age to follow the changing ideas on how rock art boats should be presented. Yet another fascinating thing is that that the small boat was made at the end of the Bronze Age, perhaps a thousand years after the large boat came into existence. That is one long lived tradition!

Cold day in the Bronze Age farm today.

Bronze Age pole vaulter? Nah, but that spear is pretty long!

Here, have a few rock carvings. You’re welcome.

#tbt to 1969 and a b/w night photo of the Backa carving by one of the greats in Swedish archaeology: Bertil Almgren. The large man dominating the right side of the picture is called the ”Shoemaker” as the object in his left hand originally was thought to be a cobbler’s hammer. Source: SHFA.

Three of the eight riders on the Tegneby carving. The rectangular Celtic shields date these warriors to the beginning of the Iron Age (500ish BC).

The oblique light effect in full force. Sometimes I even find it hard to tell if the image is carved into the rock, or if it stands out from the surface in bas-relief. Now it can’t be unseen, sorry.

Best way to take a fabulastic selfie? Wear a funny hat! We’re celebrating the #museumselfieday wearing our replica of the Viksø helmet. While testing Bronze Age armour you might as well hide behind a Herzsprung shield, too.

Boats aplenty, together with a lone warrior and what could be a symbol of the sun. All this at Aspeberget in the Tanum world heritage area.

Typical Swedish west coast winter weather here today, 1 °C and horizontal rain. Therefor: #tbt to last July with a picture from our archaeology school. Here kids get a chance to try what archaeological field work is about as we spend two hours in the excavation and also documenting rock art. 📷 @ianschemperphotography

En forngrav på en av höjderna mellan Spånga och Vällingby. Det finns flera sådana högt belägna i området.

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Often it’s quite easy to at least see what a rock carving is supposed to look like, even though you don’t understand that it means. Sometimes you’re at loss in both categories. Also, happy new year and all that!

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