Cobalah dulu hitam, kau akan temukan warna lain setelahnya.
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My mother did not leave her abuser until I was 24 or 25. That's a long time to endure abuse. This also created a lot of memories us children can not unsee. In my case hunted me throughout my adulthood. My parents traumatized me and the reason for my PTSD.

I’m very grateful for my family ❤️ I’m from what some people call a “broken home”- personally I despise the term. “Broken” implies something is wrong or unable to be fixed but frankly I’m grateful my mother raised me on her own, and I’ve been surrounded by more love than many of my “non broken home” counterparts. A one-parent home is not necessarily less able to to provide love or stability. I’ve grown up with a very supportive and nurturing family- my grandma, aunt and mum have shown me countless times what strong, empowered, kind and generous women look like- it’s played a huge role in who I am today. My aunt, here with Miss S and I, is more like my sister- infact it’s easier when we’re out and about to say “yes” when people ask if we are. My family provide practical, unconditional love- my aunt dragged us along on her ski holiday because she knows Will’s bound to the hospital and study at the moment but she knows we really (really!) needed some down time- and then she sacrificed her skiing to hang with this peanut 🥜 My mum picking Miss S and I from the airport and bringing baked chicken and a veggie loaded bolognaise sauce so I didn’t have to think about cooking was just another way my family says “I love you”. The term “broken home” doesn’t describe where I’ve come from. I feel incredibly, incredibly grateful for my family and the fact that Miss S gets to bathe in the same practical, generous, food-based love is going to be one of her greatest strengths I’m sure ❤️ 1 mum, 1 Dad, 2 mums or dads, or one of each- it shouldn’t matter, and none of them should be called “broken” 💕 •
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Semoga kuat dan tabah menjalani,jangan putus asa ingatlah masadepanmu masih panjang 😊,aku juga ngerti gimana rasanya ditinggalkan tetapi kita tak tau apa masalah yang dipermasalahkan. Jadi ingatlah masa depan mu masih panjang jangan selalu bersedih meskipun hatimu begitu sakit.

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I spent 30 years trying to forget and accept my childhood.

My friends and associates have said if they did not read my blog they would have never known I went through these things. What can I say, my father trained me well, poker face I'm good at it. I've had to deal with the threat of being responsible for my younger siblings being takin away, my ass beat, or hey if I tell anyone then this just might be the day he takes my mother's life. What child should have to live like this?

When you come from a broke home life does tend to be a little more difficult and precious!! I’ve never been the easiest person or child to know or understand. There is more pain that I hide from people. It’s the people that I have chosen to be my family that make me happy because they also chose me to be their family. I have family that ain’t blood and I have blood that ain’t family.... it doesn’t matter if ur blood that doesn’t make u family love loyalty honesty and respect is what makes a family!!! My purpose in my life is to have my own family and mend my broken home!! I’m not gonna settle for anything less than what I know I deserve!! #family #brokenhome #mending

- Aku senang berada disini.
- Kenapa?
- Sebab, ada satu hal yang tak bisa ku dapati.
- Apa itu?
- Rasa bahagia anak-anak saat
berkumpul bersama Ayah dan Ibunya.
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