2/30 : they want to get up in your head
cause they know and so do I.
the high road is hard to find. #brokenbells

Though we know it’s over it keeps exploding every morning when we rise... #colorado #coloradosunset #imsorry #0515 #brokenbells #backyard #nofilter

“ I know what I know
But nothing will fill the hole
So let your mind go (let my mind go).” #brokenbells

And here's the second drum cover video for today. The song is called "After The Disco" by Broken Bells #drumcover #afterthedisco #brokenbells

Broken Bells | Broken Bells
It‘s always amazing to see what 2 great Artist from different Genres can create, when they put their Creativity together. Brian Burton aka „Danger Mouse“ and James Mercer by „The Shins“ released their amazing Debut back in 2010. One of the best Records for a laid back Sunday Afternoon. 👌🏻✌🏻

These two albums have been the soundtrack to my life since they were released. This month, they have been on repeat 24/7. This sound just blows my mind. #brokenbells #musicjunkie #soundtracktomylife #indierock #shouldhavebeenarockstar #missedmycalling #regrets #justsodamngood #makesmemelt

And now to reveal a project I’ve been working on for foreverrrrrr (since like, last August). Psychedelic pinback buttons of song titles & lyrics by one of my favorite bands, @brokenbells, also inspired by the work of @coldpolars on the album art. 🔕 Swipe to see how cool they look on denimmmm

Broken Bells - After the Disco

A great collaboration between Danger Mouse and James Mercer.

이 노래와 함께 주인공이 탄 자동차가 끝없이 펼쳐진 허허벌판을 질주하는 씬을 끝으로 엔딩크레딧이 올라갈 것 같다.
모든 갈등이 해소된 후, 끝은 주인공이 기존 사건에서 파생된 또는 완전히 새로운 여정으로 향하는 로드무비의 엔딩곡 같달까.
왠지 그런 영화를 많이 본 듯한 착각을 하게 한다🤔
이런 느낌을 준다는 점에서 개인적으로
Red Hot Chili Peppers의 Dani California도 연상됐다.
#brokenbells #holdingonforlife #alternativerock

“The high road is hard to find
A detour in your new life”
-Broken Bells

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