Per la rubrica #tipsoftheday oggi mi va di parlare dei due possibili percorsi alimentari che possiamo intraprendere 🙌 (salvo diete veg, paleo ecc che meritano discorsi a parte) 👉

Dieta flessibile o da "Bro"? Che differenza c'è? Qual è la migliore? 😕

L'omino ci spiega velocemente la differenza e come sempre invito a leggere. 😆

Parlando per esperienza invece, posso assolutamente evidenziare come, per chi non ha obiettivi agonistici, ma soltanto amore per sé stesso e il fitness, la flessibile sia sicuramente la strada giusta. 😍
Può aiutare molto in fase di dimagrimento, mangiando anche pizza e gelato rientranti nei macros, sia in fase di costruzione muscolare.
Ma è difficile, per chi si approccia per la prima volta ad uno stile di vita sano, gestire questa tipologia di alimentazione. 😅

In passato con la "Bro", spesso mi son sentita persa nei calcoli e nei soliti alimenti selezionati, 😠 ma sicuramente mi ha aiutata ad abituare il palato e l'organismo a questo stile di vita.
Cosa ne penso? Sono entrambe valide, preferisco di gran lunga la flessibile, ma la consiglierei solo ai soggetti che già da 1/2 anni sanno nutrirsi davvero e non solo mangiare 😂

Back from our honeymoon. Not a perfect day 1. I had a few chocolate chip cookies. But I ain't even mad about it. #16weeksout #npcbikini #firsttimecompetitor #brodiet #healthyeating #bikiniprep

they call me “legs” 👌🏼

Cena da #bro con basmati, pollo con spezie @bulkpowders_it e melanzane 💪🏻 ovviamente tutto condito con ketchup dopo 🍅

Grilled bone-in chicken breast seasoned with black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder with lemon-balsamic asparagus 👩🏼‍🍳
Eating healthy is so much cheaper than you think!! Look for sales and buy/cook in bulk! Grilling makes for the easiest meal prep everrrrr!!
#mealprep #cleaneating #grilling #healthyeating #chicken #cleaneats #healthyfats

The reason why I like hot weather is because of how easy salads are to make. Whatever you fancy you can put in a bowl and 90% end up with an amazing result 🥗

Super easy, super yummy. 🤤 tfw you feel so full, but it’s the good kind of full. .
-5oz Organic chicken 240cal/0C/4F/52P
-petite gold potatoes 110cal/26C/0F/3P
-Italian style veggies 40cal/7C/-F/2P
Total macros -390cal/33C/4F/57P .
+the breakfast bar which I did not track ! .

Trying to count macros is actually pretty fun, I’m learning everything by myself with no help from a trainer and I feel pretty confident in myself. I’ll master it one day!:) .
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#my5starsummer begins! I’ll be starting out with
249g Pro/125gCarbs/55g Fats
I’ll hangout here for a week and then reassess with my Inbody results next Monday. #dietseason #letsgo #brotein #clean #eating #sea #land #air #notflexible #macros #brodiet #shredtastic #graintrain #anabolicAF

You often times hear people saying "all that matters is calories in vs. calories out." Yes and no. Does the amount of sugar you consume matter? Yes and no. Each of these things can affect your body, but if you want to lose weight you need to be in a deficit. The most important factor is how MUCH you're consuming. ✖️
Personally I have found that restriction = a recipe for disaster. I used to be against IIFYM because I didn't see how eating pizza could be helping you achieve your goals better than chicken & veggies. What I learned from being on a strict "bro diet" for a very long time is that there is also a hierarchy of sustainability. If you are not the kind of person that is capable of eating nothing but chicken and veggies for the rest of your life (*ahem* @m_hines9), then chances are you are going to cave and go overboard. For me, my restriction was so intense and so prolonged that I developed a horrible relationship with food and binging issues. In the long run, this caused me to gain more weight (and develop a poor relationship with food) than if I had just had balance from the get-go.
I had ice cream the other day. Topped with chocolate peanut butter. I'm not talkin about the fake halo top crap I'm talking the real creamy Costco ice cream. I didn't feel any guilt because it easily fit my ~cutting~ macros and I didn't feel like I was getting off track. Macros have helped me tremendously with not seeing foods as "good" or "bad." With a meal plan there is a list of foods that are allowed and everything that wasn't on that I started to view as bad. With IIFYM, there is no good vs. bad. Tracking macros has also helped me learn to WANT to eat more nutrient dense foods. You are free to eat what ever kinds of foods that you want, but you soon realize that you will feel hungry for the rest of the day if you don't eat smart. ✖️
What are your thoughts about IIFYM?
And as always DM me if you ever have questions.
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