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Who’s your favorite member of @brckhmptn I think mine is probably @smilemerlyn but tbh they all are really good I’m probably gonna be posting about them a good amount along with OF @iansimpson @jobaisreal @daddys.shotgun @himattchampion @ameervann @kikomerley @robertontenient @jabarimanwa #brockhampton

slide into our dm if you lookin for a far out customized hand-embroidered shirt 🛋 also if you are involved w @brckhmptn thx✨✨✨

its raining so hard and uhhh i love it


not much of an edit but i just wanted to post something💘 + my audio

The face behind the art... the man the myth the legend #headassmovement

went to @brckhmptn concert on February 15 with @jdozois, @h.rr.j and Caruso.

Cash won’t last, my friends will ride with me, Keep ‘en in my bag, we robbed a limousine #brockhampton

IV. wish you were here. one of my favorite rock songs of all-time. a ballad that tackles so many personal mental conflictions and relationships that have taken unexpected turns. the songs actual message is directed at an ex band member that had a huge effect on the soul of pink floyd but honestly this song is so beautifully written that you can interpret the lyrics in multiple ways and that is the beauty of music. the message that i have always walked away from this song with, is a self-aware confusion in the behavior of the people around you. our human nature always convinces us that we are doing the right thing or that our actions can be justified and the mental anguish that comes along with determining who is right and who is wrong can really make us question our personal life and the ways of the world. we’ve all had our fair share of relationships taking turns for the worse and what was once a relationship of joy and understanding for one another becomes a broken memory that can leave us wondering what went wrong. it’s easy to dismiss the problem being solely on the other person because of how our minds work, but if that is the case, then understanding how the relationship ended up shattering would be just as easy as distinguishing heaven from hell, but if we are honest with ourselves, we know that this isn’t as easy as we’d like to admit. in the end we long for that time of understanding. we wish they were here.

#hypebeastla: @brckhmptn for @rsvpgallery. RSVP’s Los Angeles flagship is now open at 905 S. Hill Street.

I’ll be checking the dms soon

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@f_sanchez12 for mediocre at best


merlyn!!!!!!!! #brockhampton #merlynwood

Before I post any confessions I thought I’d make a master post beforehand! -
- If you want to send in a confession you can send them in via DM or my sarahah (link in bio)
- all opinions are allowed unless they discriminate certain traits of the members (sexualities, race, etc. all else is fine)
- please no fighting in the comments !!
- if you plan on sending any long, meaningful, or negative opinions pls send them on my sarahah! Easier to copy

Y’all just have fun -
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