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My father Basil Woolf at Pegasus Bridge in Normandy,France talking to Orince Charles. #70thanniversaryddayinvasion#princecharles#britishroyalnavy#worldwar2#ddayrevisited

British Royal Navy AB(D) firing GPMG from HMS Brocklesby's bridge wing. 🇬🇧 #BritishRoyalNavy #RoyalNavy #TacNations

Pit walk is on and this time #britishroyalnavy went by to say Hello and have a selfie @officialbsb lots of people on a sunny @silverstonecircuit

Say 'ello to Theodore the British Dog! Shoutout to @tombancroft1 @lipscombanim for a pretty fun Character Design I assignment. #shamelesspromo #characterdesign #britishroyalnavy #dog #bulldog

#protected @ British Royal Navy ship HMS Kent #britishroyalnavy

HMS Queen Elizabeth has just arrived in Portsmouth today #britishnavy #britishroyalnavy #portsmouth #britishpride

A very interesting Sunday with the family! #BritishHistory #Sunday #BritishRoyalNavy


#CaptainBligh Vice-Admiral William Bligh FRS (9 September 1754 – 7 December 1817) was an officer of the #BritishRoyalNavy and a colonial administrator. #TheMutinyontheBounty occurred during his command of #HMSBounty in 1789; Bligh and his loyal men reached Timor, a journey of 3,618 nautical miles (6,701 km; 4,164 mi), after being set adrift in Bounty's launch by the mutineers... wowser 😳🛥⛵️ Now here is the thing... He has one last remaining descendant who lives on the #HelfordRiver in #Cornwall and I'm lead to believe that this is his #catamaran the #LadyBounty
#sailing #nautical #ships #ocean #boats #captainjamescook #williambligh #lastoftheline #history #adventurers #explorers #sailors

Say 'ello to Theodore the British Dog! Shoutout to @tombancroft1 @lipscombanim for a pretty fun Character Design I assignment. #shamelesspromo #characterdesign #britishroyalnavy #dog #bulldog

"A former British sailor from the 🇬🇧 HMS Brazen (F91)" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Photo caption - HMS Brazen (F91), River Wear, Port Sunderland, Great Britain. Photo around 1990. -------------------------------------------- Paul Charlton was born on March 10th 1970, in Newcastle in the northeast of the United Kingdom. In 1974, his father separated from his mother as he went to work. Four years later, Paul's mother remarried, and in 1981 they emigrated to South Africa, where his stepfather worked for the South African Iron and Steel Corporation. In 1982, Paul and his family moved to Swaziland. Paul was enrolled into a boarding school in Barberton, Mpumalanga. At 16 Paul and his mother and stepfather moved back to the UK. -------------------------------------------- At the Age of 19 he joined the Royal Navy. He joined because the economy was in the toilet, he had no college degree and he said; 'the Royal Navy were so desperate they were advertising in the newspapers'. He needed a job and he became a Flag Operator. He said of this time: "It was boring as all hell. Sitting in front of a Flag Room logging signals for six hours from 2am to 8am, broken only by the exciting opportunity to spend an hour off cleaning the officers’ bathrooms. Join the Navy, they said … see the world, they said." -------------------------------------------- Later he became Writer, because he wasn't a good Flag Operator. A Writer was needed for proper record-keeping in ships at sea. The job Writer Charlton later was changed to Logistician (Personnel) Charlton, because then civilians would understand what they were doing. The first ship he joined was HMS Brazen and he flew out to join her in Dubai just in time for the First Gulf War (August 2nd 1990 - February 28th 1991). The first contact with the enemies Jingles had, as they sailed up to the northern end of the Gulf to relieve HMS London in covering a hospital ship for a few days. Exactly then the Iraqi Air Force came out to play. One of their targets was the hospital ship. ⬇️⬇️ continued

Exceedenly rare Rolex “Milsub” Ref. 5513, made in 1974 for the British Royal Navy. Military issue number engraved on the case back. Shop this Rolex “The British Military Submariner ref. 5513” at onlyvintage.com • #onlyvintage #rolex #milsub #submariner #britishroyalnavy #5513 #monaco

Have you heard of "Black Tot" ?? She's pretty rare but since this is the last consignment of the royal British Navy Rum 🙈🙈 Whether she's worth the money she's asking ?? I am not so sure 🤔🤔

"Why, sir," said he, looking about him, "what splendour I see: gold lace, breeches, cocked hats. Allow me to recommend a sandwich. And would you be contemplating an attack, at all?"
"It had crossed my mind, I must admit," said Jack. "Indeed, I may go so far as to say, that I am afraid a conflict is now virtually inevitable. Did you notice we have cleared for action?"
- Patrick O'Brian
(Still a favourite sample passage of typical O'Brian style 💜).
Pictured: A little portion of our dining area. Filling up the gallery walls piece by piece 😉

Alumni Monday!! Remember sweet Butterscotch featured here just weeks ago? She has found a fantastic home and the perfect lap with Bob who is 97 years old and was missing a feline friend after his beloved cat Rudy (who was also a #tcspcaalumni ) passed away. With the help of his granddaughter he has found a new companion in Butterscotch - who now goes by the name Rosie! The two enjoy hanging out and taking care of each other - he feeds her and she keeps him company, entertained and ensures his lap is always full of cat! Bob's only complaint about his new fur friend is that she's a bed hog!! 😹 **We'll be featuring more #tcspcaalumni in the future so be sure to tag photos of those critters you've adopted from us so they can have a turn! We love to see how everyone is doing and are looking forward to sharing more alumni stories with you!!!

New arrival
00s British royal navy combat utility shirt jacket “dead stock”

#britishmilitary #britishroyalnavy #vintagemilitary #militaryjacket #vintagejacket #vintageshop #SURRbyLAILA

Day 5 / Diary439 update

New arrival
00s British royal navy combat utility shirt jacket “dead stock”

#britishmilitary #britishroyalnavy #vintagemilitary #militaryjacket #vintagejacket #vintageshop #SURRbyLAILA

New arrival
00s British royal navy combat utility shirt jacket “dead stock”

#britishmilitary #britishroyalnavy #vintagemilitary #militaryjacket #vintagejacket #vintageshop #SURRbyLAILA

Loving my two new pottery finds from today - J+G Meakin Sunshine ware (trademarked in 1912) and a British Royal Navy mess plate piece, which could be from 1830-1970! ☀️⚓️#beachcombing #seapottery #britishroyalnavy #navy #anchor #sunshine #antiques #britain #beach #lowtide #treasures #meakinpottery #novascotia #bayoffundy

El reloj #OMEGA #Seamaster #PlanetOcean rinde homenaje a las leyendas de la exploración oceánica.
#Amaya #OmegaDeepBlack #BritishRoyalNavy #JaquesCusteau

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