About six years ago, @philhartnoll + his brother Paul were so fed up with one another that they stopped speaking altogether. Lucky for us, the @orbital co-founders made amends AND another killer album. Their ☯️ dynamics remain, however, so we asked them to split a mixtape featuring everything from @feelmybicep to @throttleclark. #linkinbio📲💻 for all our fellow 'electronica' heads.

We've just come back from a gig and still, the guitar reigns supreme.
Everyone respects the guitarist. It's not coincidence it's one of the first instruments that many budding musos pick up first.
Specialist music lessons right in the heart of North London from Penguin Music School.

«Somebody Better» de @blackhoneyuk
📻 Uno de los tracks con los que conocimos a este cuarteto formado en #Brighton que finalmente no formó parte de su disco debut homónimo lanzado a fines de Septiembre de 2018.
🎧 "Todo es parte del cine para mí", contaba la vocalista Izzy B. Philips en una entrevista sobre su proceso de composición; "Es esa sensación de cuando estás en el autobús y tienes los auriculares puestos: es una experiencia realmente transformadora, como si estuvieras protagonizando tu propia narrativa. Si estás teniendo un día de mierda y pones una canción triste, está lloviendo afuera y te quedas mirando fijamente por la ventana, es como si estuvieras viviendo tu propia película. Así es como me siento cuando escucho música. Quería ver si puedo hacer que otras personas sientan lo mismo."
#blackhoney #izzybphilips #somebodybetter #alternative #brit #ukmusic #britishmusic #uk #radio #radio #nowplaying

COVER SONG: ‘Bar Italia’ by Pulp.
Screenshot any point of the video to see me pull a hilariously ugly face.
I’ve played this song so many times but I don’t think I’ll ever get it spot on, but you can’t win em all.
Also, imagine how awful it must be to be my neighbour...
#Pulp #BarItalia #DifferentClass #coversong #acousticcover #cover #guitar #classicalguitar #britpop #pop #acousticguitar #singer #1minutecover #britishmusic @jarvisbransoncocker

Musician, Artist, Adventurer @tomjackjackson exploring some of Britain’s wilderness. Pictured here wearing our HILLWOOD frames with @pentoptic #uv400 lenses. 📷: @leicauk

Nice to read this. #samuelcoleridgetaylor #pianomusic #wakahasegawa #britishmusic #britishcomposer #englishcomposer
英国人黒人作曲家、サミュエル コレリッジ テイラーが取り上げられています。彼のピアノ作品はなかなかのもの。日本で来月演奏しまーす。リンクはプロフィールから。#ピアニスト #英国人作曲家 #サミュエルコレリッジテイラー #長谷川和香

young @jamesbaymusic at his first sxsw 🌱

Yes, that’s Pet Clark!
Collection / Archive: Photo collection Anefo Report / Series: [unknown] Description: Arrival Petula Clark at Schiphol, Petula Clark during the press conference Date: 18 March 1960 Location: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Keywords: ARRIVAL, press conferences Personal name: Clark, Petula Photographer: Lindeboom, Henk / Anefo Copyright holder: Nationaal Archief Material type: Negative (black / white) Number of archive inventory: view access File number: 911-1043

When you would’ve been going to this gig anyway, but now you’re supporting! Ah mate it’s frickin mental! #cantwait #notlongnow #dubpistols #kiokomusicuk #dubiousroots

💛 Tune in to BBC radio Jersey from 8pm tonight on Tim & Sydney’s show to hear us talk ‘strangers’, future music & being a Jersey Bean 🇯🇪 #theislandbreak

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