TODAY IS THE DAY - Ireland is voting in a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment of its constitution today, potentially ending some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. Ireland, our heart is with you. Please do the right thing and #repealthe8th. What are your thoughts? Let us know below 🇮🇪

Hayat here! As you probably know, we're hosting our very first event called GIRL TALK on June 28th at The Shard in London - which we're half super excited about and half sh*tting ourselves over! We've never done this before, and having been to a number of panels before I know how boring they can be. AND WE'RE NOT DOING THAT. It's going to be so interactive, light-hearted, and an amazing meet & greet for our stunning Neon Moon Models. So, on that vain, what questions should we ask the lovely ladies of the panel? I'll be hosting it and really want to include some amazing questions from you guys around the world. So let me know below what question you have, and if it's towards any particular model, along with your first name and city/country to possibly be shouted out on the night! Thanks lovelies, and we can't wait to meet you all and give you huge hugs all round! P.S. The link’s in our bio for tickets, so get yours! - @thequeenhayat ❤️

You asked for it, and we've finally done it! MONA Polka Dot bra and matching knicker are BACK! But not only that, we have a new brief style, now in a low rise brief as the perfect addition to our classic high-waisted shape for your beautiful bum. Order yours today to not miss out, as we have a limited quantity arriving in the next couple months!

My energy has been really low lately and I’m not quite sure what’s causing it 😢. I’m sleeping 8 hrs and doing cardio at least 2-3 times a week. How do you do to keep your energy levels up? Wearing the Esteé high rise knickers by @doralarsenlingerie #intimates #doralarsen #indiedesigner #britishlingerie #lingeeieaddict

An evening with Neon Moon Models Essie Dennis (@khal_essie), Kitty Underhill (@kittyunderhillx), Nyome Williams (@curvynyome) and Maya Felix (@onlylittlemy) - talking all things male gaze, body positivity, feminism and being trolled online to bring inclusion to the table. Neon Moon's CEO & Founder, Hayat Rachi (@thequeenhayat), will be hosting the event and delving into the inner workings of the glorious Neon Moon Models. Get your ticket now! It's going to be an amazing event with superb views from the 24th floor of The Shard. Link in bio 🔥

FREE MENSTRUAL CUP is back. Claim yours now! Link in bio. Limited time only 🌱 Tag someone below who should so try it!


London's full of celebration and we couldn't hep but catch the bug. To speak the joy all around the world we're offering you... up to 50% off over the weekend!

Feeling those Friday vibes in our contour caressing Eden Body and matching Suspender

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” Coco Chanel
Our classic Mai collection is just that and makes the perfect neutral. #AllUndone #StayClassy #cocochanel #britishdesign #britishlingerie #luxurylingerie #ethicalfashion #madeinbritain

OMG how perf is our customer Vicky rocking her Amelia bodysuit? She gave 5/5 stars for our lace bodysuit and said: "This bodysuit is EVERYTHING ❤️ It’s so damn comfy! The perfect thing when you wanna feel sexy either for a partner or just because you wanna feel cute on your own ❤️ Just a bit of a warning, it does run slightly small, but the material is forgiving enough for this not to matter. It’s super high cut on the legs, which makes for adorable silhouettes. It’s so comfy, I wear it under my clothes frequently, it’s like my little secret! ❤️❤️❤️" Our Amelia lace bodysuit is current over 50% off! Get yours now!

OMG a Neon Moon Selfie from our new collection! Thank you Ellen! Looking stunning in your new PHOEBE bra and our high-waisted Marl Grey knicker. We even spot our MONA set on your bed! SO CUTE! 😍 Have you bought yours yet?

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It is one's imperfections that make them perfect. Never forget that what you hate most about yourself somebody else is probably wishing for. Our beautiful attributes are airbrushed from the 'perfect' bodies in magazines, yet they are exactly the reasons you should feel beautiful, special, and unique. You deserve to be appreciated for being you. You are perfect just as you are. Tag someone below who has a perfect bum below 🍑

"Show me somethin' natural like ass with some strechmarks" - Kendrick Lamar

Body hair is beautiful. Sounds weird reading it right? That's because society has placed decades worth of years into shaming women for their right to own their body. The stigma behind female body hair is slowly being flipped on its head, and as a proudly feminist and body positive lingerie brand who embraces your body, we are happy showcasing our Neon Moon models just as they are. Whether you choose to shave or not, let's just take a minute to embrace women of all shapes, sizes, and unique qualities that make us stunning in our own ways, away from the pressures of society. So on that note, do you shave or do you not, and why? Let us know below

UPDATE: Instagram deleted this pic, but we will not be silenced. Get involved by liking and commenting below to show your solidarity for body positivity and embracing inclusivity.

We use guipure lace as a dramatic edging on our Carlita cami and French knicker set. .
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Ladies, what makes you feel good?

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