So damn happy with my new indoor plant 🌱.

Great minds ride a bike ◡̈

Kid be kind, it’s what enriches your soul ✨

DM & Email & WhatsApp for wholesale price🍦
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Here we go with the turkey postcards!!! I really miss #istanbul !! I’ll mention a point per picture. Turkish people are VERY into their smoking. You think Italians are? They haven’t got shit on Turkish people lol. Not that I’m trying to make it out that it’s a good thing. It’s just I was soooo surprised. The best thing that I LOVED was that the women, hijab and no hijab, were also always smoking. Now, let me explain further, I do not promote smoking AT ALL. I’m just saying that I really really really appreciate that their people do not differentiate between a man and a woman in that sense. In our culture, (ethnically speaking), south Asians, a hijab wearing (as well as no hijab) woman would be thought of the worst because of smoking, however it’s completely okay if a guy does it, even a so called ‘religious’ guy. My point is, if a man with a beard and Jubba smokes and you’re okay with that (eventhough it’s a sin because it’s self harm), it should be just as okay or not okay for a woman with a hijab to smoke!!!!! I really wanted to scream out to all the women, “YEAHHH YOU GO GIRL”. Though obviously it’s also so wrong because it would be promoting smoking. This south Asian society needs to get better. #ootd #hijab #fashionblogger #inspiration #modesty #modestfashion #modeststreetstyle #modeststreetfashion #streetstyle #london #londoner #londonblogger #britishblogger #blogger #britishfashion #hijabstyle #hijabfashion #hijabinspiration #modest #modesty #modeststyle #modestfashion #modeststreetstyle #hijabchamber #vscolondon #ootdmagazine #muslimahchamber #chichijab

Nothing like a soft, warm scarf 🍂 thank you @banditslondon . The scarf comes in different colours too ☺️

Autumn/winter ready in my @banditslondon scarf..anyone else trying to enjoy autumn without seeing all the Christmas ads about turkey 😅.

For you
I would cross the line
I would waste my time
I would lose my mind
They say she's gone too far this time


This is me debating whether or not I prefer myself with or without hair extensions 🤔 I’ve always worn hair extensions since I was 16, when I first started trying them out and once I hit 18 I then decided I couldn’t live without wearing them in #indecisive

Thank you @leestaffordhair for sending me the chopstick, I have gotten through half of my hair and yet again it has turned out really beautiful. I could even make these curls tighter and achieve an Afro effect which I will do one day. I need to wear my hair curly more often.

It is the No. 1 best selling extra skinny curling wand. I love this tong to the moon and back 😝😝💕 #londonblogger #londonbloggers #londonfashionblogger #ukfashionblogger #bloggerfashion #lbloggersuk #britishblogger #blogger #autumnfashion #melaninblogger #blackwoman #hairstyles #hairstyle #hairwand #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #curlyhairkillas #sponsored #ad

You know you’re living when you set a reminder on your phone for the Aldi ‘special buy’ sale, because there’s a faux sheepskin rug with your name on it.
I mean who doesn’t love a trip to Aldi? The hilarity of the brand rip offs, the joy of spending more on scented candles than dinner for the week, and the delight of sipping an ‘award winning’ £5.99 bottle of Prosecco on a Friday night. I’m aware it’s Tuesday, I’m fully aware it’s ONLY Tuesday.
Oh and you’ll be pleased to know there are horse blankets this week too, I know, no need to thank me, now you remember why you follow me.
My Rock ‘N Roll life est. 2014! •••
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When you see a llama with the same coat... 😂 shot by @jakepearcephoto

I’ll take a rack of ribs and a Long Island Ice Tea please! 😍

Things to come.... eeeee so excited! They will look so cute 💙 😍 #annabelletiamfook

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