Made me happy seeing these rather then a box of plastic straws. After we got our coffee (in our reusable cups) we took a walk on the beach. My plan was to pick up trash on the beach. To my surprise there was not one piece of trash. We walked on the beach for over an hour. Usually I just get frustrated and sad when I’m at the beach, seeing all the trash and careless humans. Today, well today was a beautiful morning 💚 #keepouroceansclean

Robuust es una de las primeras tienda #zerowaste del mundo, creada por Savina Istas en Antwerp, Bélgica.
Conoce más de su historia en nuestro blog (link en la bio ☝🏼) #kleanvoices #kleankanteen #bringyourown

Providing sustainable and thoughtful reusable bags and water bottles. We believe it takes a village to change the world. Thank you for being a part of ours!

#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #green #ethicallysourced #recycle #sustainable #maketheswitch #consciousconsumer #environmentallyfriendly #reducereuserecycle #consciousliving #greenliving

Tonight!! Come on down to Patagonia in Palo Alto for this free screening of this incredible movie, storytelling by @stevehawk6211, music, food, art, and raffle. #byoc Sea Hugger will be there!

Bring a packed lunch to work, lunch boxes don't take up too much room in your handbag, the only queueing involved is is you have to wait for the microwave, and it works out much much cheaper!
#bringyourown #packedlunch #whatsinyourhandbag #lunchbox

It's okay if you forget sometimes. Bringing your reusable straws wherever you go is already a step closer to reducing single-plastic use. DO WHAT YOU CAN, and sip responsibly. #sumipsipKNBkayTala

Sipsip Kay Tala is a small, family-owned business, yet we make it a point to be efficient when delivering our straws. Kindly note that DELAYS may happen from time to time, and we'd like to sincerely apologize in advance for any future delays. Please SIP TIGHT and rest assured we are following up and tracking your orders along with you. We too expect timely deliveries, so we'll always do our best to make things right. Thank you for your patience. Salamat sa tiwala 💌 Sipsip Kay Tala #sumipsipKNBkayTala

Dun tayo sa hindi PLASTIC. #sumipsipKNBkayTala

After lots of cutting fabrics and tea and hanging out, the first bags are starting to appear! Our “Tote bag” project is doing well! We collected a lot of old fabrics to reuse! 😊 The team is great! Kirsten and @skanthy are handles specialists, Evina, @anatpe and I are the cutters and Sarah, Maroula and Maria, sewing 😎🕺🏻
Super cute bag @sarahshots7 ❤️👌join us every Thursday morning if you are in Paros!

Hey! Have you replaced your disposal plastic straws? More Bamboo Straw orders going out today, more plastic straws replaced today 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Love our Earth, get greening 🌍🌳

Look at this #lowwaste haul - feeds the belly and the❤️ show us how you go #zerowaste #ecobags .

#repost @

saraweinreb Wellness is so trendy right now, and I'm glad people are waking up to what they are putting in their bodies and how it makes them feel. It can also be overwhelming, and frankly, unaffordable and time consuming (and let's be honest, a little ridiculous sometimes 😏). Adaptogens and super foods can be a lovely addition to your wellness regime, but they aren't one size fits all, and they aren't a silver bullet. Instead, let's start with the basics: eat lots of fruits and veggies 🍐🍆🥕🍅 Things that come from the earth. Preferably local, preferably organic (pesticides don't come from the earth), preferably seasonally, but regardless, just focus on the simple things. I'm contestantly blown away by what comes out of the ground and off of trees... it's really amazing, isn't it?! Slow Saturdays at the farmer's market and the library are really my favorite-- it reminds me that the simple things are often what we need the most. 🌿🍂 #saratrieswellness #saratrieslowwaste #livetheellipsis .

#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture #netbag #thelowimpactmovement

We are closed today due to this wintery fall weather. Don’t forget, we are offering free shipping on our website through November 30, and locals can always place an order online and select “in-store pick-up” for quick and easy shopping. Stay safe out there!

#snowday #zerowaste #shopsmall #shoplocal #plasticfree #bringyourown #reducewhatyouproduce

That smug feeling when you remember to bring your own cup to a coffee shop ☕️ #singleuse #bringyourown #bringyourowncup #starbucks #coffee

We supply for establishments, and accept resellers too! If you’re interested, send us a message. #sumipsipKNBkayTala

Thank you Ate #alessandrarae for drinking responSIPly! ❤️ #sumipsipKNBkayTala

Because of all the inquiries, we are finally accepting customized orders! For details, simply send us a message. #sumipsipKNBkayTala

A week long trip worthwhile #camping at Indiana Dunes State Park, tree to tree #adventure @EdgeAdventures and visiting grandpa & grandma was so awesome... | #BringYourOwn #KleanKanteen

3 sets of 🍱 #Bento ready for the first day of #school (and work) 🧒🏻-👦🏻-👨🏻| #LunchBox 😋| 👩🏻‍🍳 โอมมมมจงกินๆๆๆ...!! | #BringYourOwn #KleanKanteen

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