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Memorial day selfies with my love whom I love. Have a great day everyone! @madisonpants #merica #usofa #bringthetroopshome #love

Whatever happened to diplomacy? Hey #Trump #NoMoreWar #NorthKorea #WarTimeoutPlease #BringTheTroopsHome

28 more pages were unclassified of the Joint Inquiry into 9/11 which reveals connections from the hijackers to Saudi gov't officials and royalty... no mention in the mainstream media...no mention from Sanders who while many idolize him as some sort of warrior for truth despite his voting track record in support for foreign aid to the Saudis (and countless others) and other weapon transfers (also, to countless others)... Now that Bernie Sanders has a speaking slot at the convention, it is very doubtful he'll mention any of these blatant foreign policy failures he backed or that the Dems backed, or call for any restraint overseas... he's made a back-door deal with the DNC and can only mention the DNC-approved script talking points.
#bringthetroopshome #endthewars #basedonlies


πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ€β€οΈ#armystrong #armysister #proudsister #bringthetroopshome


Well that obviously. And dank memes. Nothing says β€œI love you” like sending her dank memes.

IF 'If wishes were horses, we'd all ride'. If Sparta were Troy, it would have fallen.
ALWAYS look gift horses in the mouth.
#trojanhorse #toogoodtobetrue always is #wellorganizedmilitia is for #freedom #standingmilitary is for #conquest and #empire #bringthetroopshome #thelibertarianunschooler #nothingisfreeinthislife #sparta #courage #liberty #resistance #nomensrea #ptolomies #boomroasted

Can’t imagine being at war in a foreign place which makes me that much more appreciative for those who do it. Ladies don’t ever let them think you can’t hang and do what you need to do. That’s to handling yourself on the front line to handle yourself as a Woman. We celebrate and thank you for your service.

This Mango Chobani was a son of a bitch but in a good way. I wasn't expecting much but this jabronie taught me different & set me straight... 3.8/5 #imissdavemurphy #boyswhoyogurt #qualitycrew #adorablesquad #cutegang #damaged #misunderstood #yogurtpassion #surferdude #trucker #bigrig #truckerswhoyogurt #spoonman #bringthetroopshome #sendinator #roughandtough #quickandslick #kony2012

Whatever happened to diplomacy? Hey #Trump #NoMoreWar #NorthKorea #WarTimeoutPlease #BringTheTroopsHome

A short video I made last year to the @mikelovemusic song, 'No More War'. The song is extremely powerful and truly highlights the need to end the violence around the world and bring our troops, and troops all around the world, back home to their families. Now I know it's much easier said than done, and that there is a lot of conflict out in the world right now preventing it from being that easy; I have many good friends and family in all branches of the service, and send them nothing but love, support and gratitude for what they do and the sacrifices they make. I understand it's not as easy as simply turning a switch and ending all wars, yet I do truly think we can make better decisions as a global community to push us further into the direction of world peace. I will dedicate my life to spreading the message of love, and will do all I can to embody the change I wish to see in this world, hoping to instill as much unity and acceptance into all facets of the world I am able to. I am certain that I will live to see a more unified world, so now it's just about taking the steps to get us all one step closer each and every day, I hope you will too ❀️
If you haven't heard @mikelovemusic yet, be sure to check him out, he is a truly inspiring person, and his music has absolutely changed my life. Thank you for all you do Mike ❀️
All video clips were used from random clips throughout the web, and all original links are sited in the video's description on my YouTube channel, 'A Little Peace Of Love'.

My pplz I kno at times on my page it may get a lil overwhelming and you guys may think something along the lines of why is this world so fucked up..it isn't it' may seem that way bt in actuality there's a lot of positive changes happening that are dwindled and receive very little attention if you've ever dm'd me and engaged in an actual conversation with me you'll see the positive outlook I have and how I still view this world to be a beautiful place with Beautiful ppl in it fact is every single day were at war a battle between good and evil is happening everyday wether you realize it or not the battle for consciousness and freedom and peace vs war greed and the enslavement of the ppl goes on everyday they push for world war three we push for peace and unity look around you as many corporate stores are closing(Mk Macy's Walmarts etc. ) corrupt govnt around the world being detopled and jailed(Iceland South Korea etc.) the demand for more organic food is on the rise here in the us and country's all over the world are denying monsantos gmo monopolization on seeds and now this one of the most important steps into a better future is educating the nations youth into not selling themselves not their freedom for a bunch of war hungry greedy old men who won't send their own to clean or even life up a weapon stop honoring men who go off blindly to shoot and kill and harm innocent family's all for a totalitarian agenda #Bringthetroopshome and let's slowly but surely go dwindling the next generation of war if you want to help change the world start by educating our youths our little brothers and cousins and nephews and nieces show them what our parents didn't we are sure to make an impact it has to be done as a whole it's on us to lead the next generation in the right direction! Stop enlisting and stop sending your family members off to die because when they come home with ptsd the govnt gonna give u some subscription drugs to get addicted to and live miserably ALL AM TRYNA SAY FOLKS.. is that they don't really care about us! Let's look out for each other ! Ya have a blessed day! #godbless #usall #gmig #gmworld #beautifulday #tostartover #andmakeitright

To those who serve and those who have served, words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you.
#mdw #memorialday #usa #veterans #heroes #america #soldiers #military #bringthetroopshome

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ€β€οΈ#armystrong #armysister #proudsister #bringthetroopshome

The Jesus way is the way of peace. I understand defense and lesser-evils and I know I don't have all the facts, like... EVER. But toward such events there is no posture of the heart other than grief and mourning that is appropriate for a follower of the Prince Of Peace. #cosign #nowar #notinmyname #bringthetroopshome #demsandrepubsareonewarparty #icriticizedobamadronestoo

Contact your congressperson and senators and tell them NO WAR!!! #nowar #antiwar #peace #nowarinsyria #bringthetroopshome #peaceandprosperity #stopwar #endwar

I support our troops, but I do not support these wars that we are fighting. If you are a soldier and warrior at heart, we need you here at home, fighting poverty and homelessness. Fighting the corrupt. Fighting for what's right. We have to change things. Not the government. Not god. Not the rich. But us. The average person is more powerful than you could ever imagine. Everything depends on us. Corporations depend on us. Government depends on us. We are the rulers. We have just forgotten that.
#truth #humanrights #humanlife #humanrace #human #humans #humanity #humanrace #humanbeings #humanbeing #soldiers #troops #supportourtroops #waronterror #manufacturedterrorism #bringthetroopshome

Great matches tonight. In honor od bringing the troops home. Special shoutout to @oddsoul_vinnycenzo dor putting on a great show. #swf #holyshit #hardcorematch #bringthetroopshome

We were just babies 😩 time goes by so fast. Geeky middle school days to his rock and roll high school days to going to college classes together. Who would've thought I was going to end up marrying the boy I stood beside for our middle school pics, it still sends me on a trip some days! All that time and you'd think I'd want a vacation from him, wrongggg. I need my husband home like yesterday!! #bringthetroopshome

The only dry things in my life are my mouth and my humor #RoommateBonding #Boats #Cruise #RedWhiteBlue #BringTheTroopsHome #TheyreNotAllBoysYouTwat

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