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The worst thing you can do it nothing. By sponsoring, you have the opportunity to give an orphan a chance. Camp is a special time where BMH volunteers get to know each child and then advocate for them after camp is over. A photo, a name, a memory, a video. Each help to tell the unique story of a child. It gives us unspeakable joy when we find out a BMH camper has found a forever family:) Click the link in bio to sponsor a camper💕

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For this week’s Waiting Child Wednesday, we introduce you to Matt! Matt is 10 years old and is growing up too fast! When you first meet Matt, he seems shy; but don’t let that fool you. He is kind and compassionate, always sharing with the other children. Doesn’t he sounds like a lovely little brother? Matt is all boy and his face lights up as soon as he has a water gun in his hands or touches the sand at the beach. He refuses to let his Cerebral Palsy slow him down and is determined to try things on his own. Matt is waiting for a family who can praise him in his accomplishments and encourage him when he faces trials. Could that be you? Don’t keep Matt waiting!
Please visit www.bringmehope.org/advocate/matt/ or contact advocate@bringmehope.org for more information on Matt.

Happy World Adoption Day from the BMH staff team! We believe adoption changes lives because a family is everything. If you're interested in adoption or want to get involved in the lives of orphans, visit www.bringmehope.org. Smile on!

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The making of a tiger🐯
Sometimes changes can be scary but one step at a time they make us stronger, so don't give up mid-process!

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"Love's language is universal. When met with the author of love Himself, it has no boundaries.
Serving with @bringmehope & @lightifycreative these past couple weeks has shown me that my heart will never come close to breaking the way my Father's heart breaks for His abandoned children. God's love is so great that it will go any length to rescue, any depth to save. Please keep these beautiful children in your prayers as we seek to find them a family that will shower them in all the love they deserve. With Christ there is no stopping place, no limit to which He will not go to bring home His beloved sheep." Words and image by winter camp 2016 volunteer, @brianna.rapp #lightify #bringmehope #vsco #china #adoptionislove

We love adoption, we love families, and we love storytelling. We also love that November is National Adoption Awareness Month! Stay tuned throughout November as we feature real stories about how adoption changes lives! Have a story you want to share? We’d love to hear it! Feel free to share with us at info@bringmehope.org 🎉

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Happy Sunday everyone! We love hearing stories about how BMH has impacted different families and we recently talked to the Gray family about their experiences! – “Hi! We are the Gray Family. We live in Fort Mill, SC. We first heard of BMH back in 2005 when we brought our daughter, Eliana, home from China. I always wanted to go but the timing was never right until 2009. My oldest daughter and husband went to Xian. They had a great trip and she wanted to return again in 2010. My husband encouraged me to go with her this time so we both returned to Yantai in 2010. We were matched with 3 boys and 1 girl for the week. Our son, Thomas, was my buddy and he bonded with me right from the start! We fell in love with him and with all our camp buddies. We started the process to adopt him and we brought him home in October of 2011. We also started advocating for our other buddies and we were able to get 2 kids moved to a Christian foster home near Beijing. We kept following up with our other kiddo's online and each one of the 4 have been adopted to the US as well as the 2 that went to Shepherd's Field which ya'll may remember as Ronny and Blossom! God is good and we are so blessed to have been part of His beautiful plan for each of these precious kids! BMH staff were a HUGE help in communicating with Thomas’ orphanage and advocating for him as they had initially deemed him unadoptable and autistic. He has been home now 5 years and he has been cleared by doctors and he is NOT autistic, but likely suffered from PTSD. He is thriving and well loved by everyone who meets him! He is a true joy and blessing to our home and family!” Thanks for sharing your story, Grays! We are so happy for your family! #orphanadvocacy #bringmehope

Welcome back Friday!! As we head into the weekend, take time to consider ways you can keep the generosity going this holiday by donating to our food drive. Link in bio!! #Bringmehope #wintercamp2016

"Jasper's bewilderment makes me laugh. Although the raised eyebrows say surprise, his eyes say DETERMINED. He was really determined to figure out how to use that gluestick! Imagine the celebration that ensues, the cheers that fill the room, and the proud, accomplished expression on Jasper's face." Words by BMH intern and advocate @sarahy.k


Some fun freehand card designs mailed off today! Let me know if you're interested in placing a card order! Thanks so much to all those who have purchased cards and bookmarks so far and supported our China trip. If you haven't got yours yet, I promise they're coming! #bringmehope #lovewithoutboundaries

““Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also my Father who sent me.””
Mark 9:37 NLT

My Brother @dantheman__16 and his wife @crawford_kara will be going on a summer camp to Bring me hope 👉 bringmehope.org - if you'd like to make a donation plz pm me and let me know. And my bday is coming up in June - so if you were thinking of getting me a present (😉 wishful thinking) plz just donate to bring me hope instead! Thanks guys ❤️Photo was taken during our trip to #Venice #Italy last year.

Something Blue (Baby Blue blue yeah~)
今月のボックスは #jillstuart とのコラボでしたね💎💙 幸せを運んでくれました💎

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Happy Wednesday! Meet Qi! Qi is a very smart boy compared to others his age. He is a great kid, who is willing to learn. He is very healthy little guy who, like most boys, loves to run and is fascinated by nature! You see that grin in the picture? It’s always there! Qi is a friend to everyone at the orphanage and was a camp favorite. He gets along effortlessly with others and is always spreading his smile to others; his happiness is contagious! He would make the best addition to any family; let’s get him home! For more information about Qi, email advocate@bringmehope.org #bringmehope

When loving neighbors bring you lilacs. 💜Love does stuff!
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Throughout this past week, we've shared stories of those who have gone to camp. We've heard sweet memories of friendships formed, orphans cared for and kids adopted. Now it's your turn to start your own story. Are you ready? Head to our website to apply! #bringmehope

So, fun new thing! In addition to cards and bookmarks, I'll also be selling these Family Name Banners for $10 to help raise funds for our East Asia trip! $15 if you want it on a small canvas. (Side note: you could also put the name of an organization in the middle and the members on the outside, etc.) This one was made for my grandparents--their last name is in the middle and both of their names + all their children, children's spouses and grandchildren's names are circling the wreath. Please let me know if you're interested and we can work out your specifications! (There will be a small shipping cost if you're not in BG or E-town.)
#bringmehope #lovewithoutboundaries

Meet Clint Robinson! Clint has been involved with Bring Me Hope for the past 5 years in a director role in both the Taiyuan and Wuhan locations. “I’ve yet to experience a place where you can share the hope we have in the Father on one hand and care for the least in the other. It’s incredible to live out our hope in Him in this way. Many of these kids are lifted from the ashes in the countryside and brought high at camp not only to hopefully be adopted into real families, but my prayer is that they will be adopted into HIS family.” Clint notes that the talent show is his favorite part of camp because of the way the kids are put on center stage and celebrated. To those considering coming to camp for the first time this summer, Clint says, “Coming to camp in 2009 changed the trajectory of my life. My eyes were opened to something bigger I wanted to give my life for, namely, the hurting, the weak, the abandoned, the orphan.” Are you ready to jump in and volunteer this summer? Head to our website and apply to come to camp! #bringmehope #china #orphanadvocacy

Our May 1st Early Bird deadline is quickly approaching! We have heard from a few people that they are still on the fence about coming to Bring Me Hope this summer, so this week we're focusing on those who have come to Bring Me Hope before and what they want to say to those considering it! Each day, we're highlighting someone who has experienced Bring Me Hope and what it meant to them! 😊 #bringmehope #china

FIRST PRIZE!!! So proud of her!!! Our little talented artist, hope all is well with you and have a wonderful life with your new family.🍀#bringmehope#love#home#happiness

FRIENDS! Ev and I are still fundraising for our China trip and I'm so stoked to announce we're finally selling my hand-lettered cards and bookmarks! Here are the details (there are some examples posted in this post as well--don't forget to slide): -cards are $1.50 each or 5 for $6
-you can get a random variety of 5 cards (i.e. thank you, birthday, congrats, scripture, WKU themed) or a variety of a specific theme of your choice (i.e. 5 spiritual/scripture cards, 5 thank you cards, or even 5 cards with the theme of your university)
-bookmarks are $3
-you can request any specific theme, quote or scripture for both cards and bookmarks
-there will be a slight shipping cost for those far away from us, just to cover the cost of an envelope and stamp
-comment or message me to place an order
-also, you should come to China

If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me! Stay tuned for new designs and China updates. We're so grateful for the kindness and support we've received. As always, to God be the Glory! #bringmehope

We absolutely love keeping up with our former campers who now have forever families! This sweet boy is a perfect example! Meet Dan! Dan is a former Bring Me Hope attendee. Dan’s favorite part about camp was being able to play with his friends. Dan found his forever family 4 years ago and now lives in the States where he enjoys swimming and loves eating noodles and egg drop soup. He loves the New England Patriots, especially Tom Brady. Dan loves legos and playing football and basketball on the Playstation! Dan is very intelligent. He enjoys doing math and is now learning Spanish as his 3rd language. Dan has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and scoliosis, but despite his disabilities he can always be seen wearing a smile on his face and ready to give high fives! He has become a true blessing to his family. We're so happy for you and your family, Dan! #orphanadvocacy #bringmehope

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