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Always fun to talk on the radio for a whole hour hahahhaha apparently I have a voice for radio. Pokoknya aman kayaknya kalau tidak kepilih lagi jadi anggota DPR, dapet kerjaan jadi Radio DJ/announcer. Wkwkwkwk. Any ideas for the name of the talk show? I'll be playing all the pop and easy listening hits for sure. Nat King Cole, ABBA, The Rat Pack/Frank Sinatra... you dig? #futureradioannouncer #bringbackthemusic #backup #SindoTrijayaFM

Zap me back to the 90's/00's when Hip Hop was about the music n not about all these suspect gimmicks...

This is Jadelynn, age 4 - brave, beautiful, and an incredible inspiration to me. Last night she walked into Oceans where I was playing music. She came straight up to me - smiled - and climbed up into the nearest chair and sat front and center. Her family sat at a nearby table. She watched as people came and put money in my guitar case, she got up and went over to her dad for some cash so she could tip me too. I chose a song I knew she would know and began to sing. I could see that she was singing along so I grabbed a chair for her to stand on and put her in front of the microphone.

My eyes filled with tears as she melted my soul and sang loud and proud "Don't worry, about a fing. Cuz every little fing, is dunna be allwight." Her family watched with pure joy and pride. Somebody turned to a very old woman and said "G G - you got your wish." Turns out Jadelynn's very old grandmother wanted nothing more than to see her sing on the microphone.
I remember when I was her age, I remember being so fascinated with music and everyone who played it. Music is the greatest gift I was ever given. My mom gave me something she never knew would end up saving my life, my sanity, and later becoming my career. It's so important to me to pay it forward and share the gift of music with people of all ages, especially children. It's truly all about the keiki. Thank you Jadelynn, for reminding me of that. 🎶💕😊 #Mahalokeakua #Bringbackthemusic #Konanights #grattitudeisallthatmattersdude

Know what I miss? Going to different stores' entertainment departments, straight to their CD section — Section "A", spotting the "Aaliyah" label-divider. Being as happy as a kid in a candy store, because I spotted one of her babies. It didn't even matter that I already owned all 3* of her* albums, I had to have 'em. I'd still buy them and be just as elated as the first time I purchased them. I miss those times. Now, there's no "Aaliyah" label. I guess I should consider myself lucky to even find her debut (once in a blue moon). I have to browse online shopping sites, now.. hoping to find a new or like-new copy, to replace an old and scratched album. I know CDs have become a bit faded in the new age, but I MUST have my hard-copy. - I'm not solely ranting about not finding her physical albums, but where are her albums in general (rhetorical)? I know streaming exists or whatever else you call it, but where's the #Aaliyah label (also rhetorical)? You mean to tell me, she worked her ass off and ultimately gave her life, for a loved craft that her fans would have to go "Inspector Gadget" mode to find? It's just frustrating and simply sad as hell. 😒 #WheresTheMusic #BringBackTheMusic

I hate what they call music now. #bringbackthemusic

The first Millie Awards tonight by the Fine Arts Department at #Millwood Public Schools and #BringBackTheMusic!


Remembering a queen today 💕 #amywinehouse #backtoblack #bringbackthemusic

So, does this mean Fort Minor is going to be a project again??? Too soon? Don't care. I have no sympathy for someone who chooses to take their own life, no pity for a coward. Especially one who has blatantly disrespected his original fan base. I'm gonna go listen to meteora now and reflect.

#dontkillyourself #laterchester #haterscanhate #bringbackthemusic #fucksellouts

Shoutout to this genius and this music, the lyrics that accompanied, captured and now recall the moments, those random afternoons when you and a friend sang along with precision (catching each ad lib, euphorically delivering every inflection) when that jam came on the radio...all along, reflecting upon the trials, triumphs, smiles and joys that, with lightning speed, filled the cup of those coming-of-age years far too soon. Gone now, but never forgotten, forever enshrined in the soundtrack of the musiq of our minds. #musiqsoulchild #neosoul #music #lyrics #teenageyears #onlyrealmusicisgonnalast #2000s #summertime #summertimevibes #bringbackthemusic #aijuswanaseing

Don't stop the music @pandora #LooseEndsRadio They just done make music like they used to #bringbackthemusic

TONIGHT!!!! 8PM ⏰ Be Here #localmusic #localtalent #classicrock #oakley #bringbackthemusic 🎙🎸🎹

How we feel when the playlist stops at GH Coffee. Here's to productive mornings/afternoons and only 4 days until Ulster. #bringbackthemusic #gettingstuffdone #wealsomadeanewfriend

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