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Yesterday 💗 @brightnightevent I sure do love this amazing women @livandhope 🙏🏻 She does so much good for so many! You throw one heck of an event! @houseofsmiths @amazon_ashley @layersclothing ☝🏻️Love you guys! Thanks for being da coolest. 😎XOXO #womenhelpingwomen #brightnightevent

Only a few hours left to grab your premier priced ticket for only $85, tickets go up to $95 tomorrow! @brightnightevent tickets ON SALE NOW! Here's everything you need to know ::
The Bright Night Party is May 31st in Gilbert, Arizona 2pm-10pm for all women! You DO NOT need to be a blogger, just come treat yourself! If you've never attended before, it's a day full of delicious food, interactive classes, fantastic networking opportunities, a gorgeous dinner and a phenom dance party. You'll be spoiled with tons of swag from local companies and sponsors and you'll walk away feeling uplifted and like a freaking rockstar. Our speakers are currently being hand selected to cater to our attendees and will be announced soon but we can tell you the infamous @whippycake will be our keynote speaker! Last but not least, the main purpose of Bright Night is to help others, we will be donating portions of ticket sales to local refugees, so basically you get to come have an amazing day for an even more amazing cause❤️ TODAY IS THE LOWEST PRICE!! Special pricing:: TODAY tickets are ONLY $85
Thursday tickets go up to $95
Friday tickets go up to $105 and will not be discounted again
So tag your friends and head to @brightnightevent for the link to purchase so you can be the first to grab your tickets- they go FAST!

And we are truly terrible at all jumping at the same time!!! 😂 #brightnightevent

We had the loveliest evening at @brightnightevent! It's such a delight to be around so many empowering women. 👯 #brightnightevent

Feeling the L O V E ❤️ so excited to see you girls today! #brightnightevent || @northstarballoons

Now these ladies are some stellar girls that I adore completely... Oh what? You want to hang with them too? Good news, you can meet them at Confetti Night!!! You betcha! We had a blast at the @centsofstyle dance party at #brightnightevent Get tickets to hang with them at @confettinight June 18th in Ogden!
#mygals #funtimes #danceparty #centsofstyle

Seriously SO EXCITED to take this quick lettering class from @hellotosha at @brightnightevent!! These "learning materials" are even gorgeous!! #brightnightevent #hellotosha #hellobrightnight #handlettering #scriptlettering

Ooooh @brightnightevent... never a dull moment!😂 This years venue at @veryjane was beyond gorgeous, and our keynote speakers, @kellyejensen & @thealisonshow were so inspiring! A HUGE thank you to our fab teachers, @sweettoothfairy, @heidiswapp, @hellotosha and @thebeyoutybureau for sharing their time and talents. There's no way we could do what we do and contribute to the charities we believe in, without the support of our amazing sponsors, and most importantly... our rock star attendees!!! You women BRING THE PARTY, the pretty and a plethora of happiness every time. Thank you! ❤️ #brightnightevent #wevegotmoves 🙌🏻 @livandhope @layersclothing @ashleysfreshfix ❤️❤️❤️

Bright Night Baby!! •• Can't tell you how much I needed this. #brightnightevent


We got to welcome everyone to #brightnightevent with marquee letters & huge palm leaves surrounding our wooden scripted sign too! ✨🍃 @heidiswapp not only taught an amazing class on memory keeping but she also provided these welcome signs. We love her and hope you all did too!❤️ || photo :: @goldustphotography

We loved @thebeyoutybureau so much we brought her back for our Utah #brightnightevent too, her class for overflowing into the hallway- everyone wants to hear all our girl Kayti's beauty tips and life advice. She's such a good friend and we love her❤️

For all who attended #brightnightevent what was your favorite part of our morning presenter @kellyejensen 's talk? We loved her, her story and her motivating words on unconditional love . PHOTO @goldustphotography

I basically feel like one of those teachers that used to wear holiday/themed pins... except my bling is a lot cooler. 😉 I'm loving my triangle earrings from @trixinclothing! They were the perfect accessory for practicing triangles at preschool. 🔺 #preschool #preschoolteacher #brightnightevent

WE'VE GOT THIS! That was the theme for this @brightnightevent. Because we know when women walk in for the day they are facing challenges. Some are facing hurdles they don't think they can climb. Some are facing decisions they just can't make. Some are just wanting a day to be themselves and surround themselves with old and new friends. But together We've got this! We even had to remind ourselves this while planning this day! It's never been about the VIP list or who's wearing what! We hope it's about the connections and reminder to yourself that you deserve a good day! To grow, and give hope, to hit the dance floor like you never have, and to just be YOU!! We are so thankful for the amazing support we continue to receive each time we plan this! We will be sharing more from this fabulous day on @brightnightevent so take a gander! #brightnightevent @goldustphotography

We held our 6th @brightnightevent this weekend and we've been in recovery mode the past few days so I haven't posted anything about it! Running an event like this is no small feat. Physically and emotionally it pulls you apart and builds you up all at the same time. We started #brightnightevent with the purpose of helping women and reading the emails coming in this week from women who felt valued and loved by being there makes it all worth it. I love the women I am so privileged to work with and also call my best friends, I'm talking to you @livandhope @layersclothing @houseofsmiths 😘 we will be posting allllll the fun deets over the next few days over at @brightnightevent so go follow along and stay up to date for our next one so you don't miss out❤️ Makeup:: @tiacelise
Dress:: @agnesanddora
Photography:: @goldustphotography

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