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Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Bun Band relax and enjoy the video. Dr. Pepper has had her butt check and clipping which took about an hour. She'll go visit her husbun for the evening before a quick butt rinse later. My little loppy inspiration - I am also disabled just like her and so she inspires me with her spunk and determination. #minilop #disabledrabbit #BrightEyesSanctuary #sanctuarybunny #seniorbunnies

Bob's molar trims went well and he'll come home tomorrow, yay!! #rabbitrescue #BrightEyesSanctuary #rabbitdentaldisease #noearsnoincisors

Ashley Wilkesbun cheered for the Panthers! Yea! #sanctuarybunny #seniorbuns #minirex #BrightEyesSanctuary

Pooka seems a little better today after his Reiki therapy last night. His right eye isn't bulging very much and his left eyr is not bulging nearly as much as it was yesterday. So we will continue with the Reiki and take it day by day, and I must admit that even I'm amazed that the Reiki helps. So I'm going to pull out my Reiki books and have a skim through them again. I'm a Reiki II holder. I've always found that it works well on these little dwarf rabbits because they're just so receptive to it for some reason. Maybe their tiny size makes it more noticeable. Whatever works, I'll take it. And combined with the herbal therapy, maybe that's just what he needs. Time will tell. He was mad at me today because Edgar Girard's fur is on this pad that he then had his meds on.

#sanctuarybunny #thymomasurvivor #lionhead #seniorbuns #BrightEyesSanctuary

#JosephinetheChinchillaQueen came home looking like a chia pet. She hates her eye and nose washes so I'm really on her bad hoomin list - she thumped fiercely! I trembled, I cowered in humble apology. I am not forgiven. #houserabbits #17yrs #seniorbunnies #BrightEyesSanctuary

Oh Ashley, you can't possibly love Melanie!!#seniorbunnies #houserabbits #sanctuarybunny #BrightEyesSanctuary

Happy Halloween my beloved subjects. Be safe this 'eve. Don't eat too much candy. #josephinequeenoflapines #josephinethechinchillaqueen #BrightEyesSanctuary #17yrs #sanctuarybunny

Hello Mama hoomin. I, Josephine, of the age of 17, will be thinking of you tomorrow when you go visit your mama for the last time. I never got to see my babies after they were 8 weeks old and this made me hateful and bitter for many years. Be grateful that mama hoomins get to keep their babies like all mamas should be able to do. Give your mama a kiss for me. #seniorbuns #sanctuarybunny #rabbitrescue #houserabbits #seniorbuns #BrightEyesSanctuary

"Am I going to be on Saturday Night Live? No? Then let's stop photographing my every breath, nose twitch and so on. Good night by beloveds!" #sanctuarybunny #18yearsold #BrightEyesSanctuary #JosephinetheChinchillaQueen


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Announcing the First Annual Queen Josephine Week! Coinciding with the King's Week, beginning with the 40th Annual Elvis Week, Queen Josephine's Week will begin on August 12th, World Elephant Day, which celebrates those other grey majesties, and conclude within 7 days and include postings every day of the most memorable and beloved videos of our Queen and her most auspicious words of wisdom! Let the celebration begin! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! #josephinethechinchillaqueen #moonstonetinsel #bridgebunnies #rainbowbridge #brighteyessanctuary #18yrsold #seniorbuns #seniorbunnies #seniorrabbit #netherlanddwarf #dwarfrabbit #adoptdontshop #rabbitrescue #houserabbits

Handsome Beau paid me a visit today for some grooming. He's a very sweet but feisty boy who came here three years ago along with Bob the Vulcan. Beau and Bob had belonged to an elderly West Virginia couple but the the wife died and the alcoholic husband started siccing his hounds on the wife's rabbits and the ones who survived that were then shot. Bob and Beau were the wife's favorites apparently and he cooperated with some neighbors to allow them to be rescued. They are both of unknown ages and feisty. They'd just been through too much to trust again. But Beau usually settles down for grooming after lots of treats and some Reiki as Mama hoomin is a Reiki practitioner. Send Beau your love because it will take several days to fully groom his thick, beautiful fur. His feistiness will wear him out! #adoptdontshop #canuseemywill2be #houserabbit #rescuerabbit #rabbitrescue #crueltysurvivor #bunnymama #animalreiki #rabbitgrooming #bunnysanctuary #brighteyessanctuary

SHADOWFAX!! Lord of All Rabbits! Had his nails done and he turned around and showed me a sore hock on his left hind foot. So he got the skin repair cream which heals these. It will take a few days but he'll be fine. Shadowfax is one of a group of albinos we took in 8 years ago who were confiscated from a townhouse which had 120+ rabbits breeding freely. They were descended from just two rabbits so the inbreeding meant most were albino or solid black. They were all also very sweet! Many have had bad congenital problems but Shadowfax is still going strong. He has a hint of frosted pearl coloring. #houserabbits #speecialneeds #albinorabbit #inbred #rabbitrescue #rescuerabbit #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #canuseemywill2be #brighteyessanctuary #bunnylife #bunnylover #bunnymama

Oh my goodness I saved this pic from Tuesday for #whiskerwednesday and then forgot about it! Plus I just remembered something about her history and behavior which may explain her lame hind foot, she is or was an over-thumper extraordinaire! Perhaps it has just caught up with her! That could be it! #bunnysanctuary #adoptdontshop #rabbitrescue #canuseemywill2be #brighteyessanctuary

Earlier when giving Moonstone her meds, I had the honor of having her pee for me. She was on a pee pad which did its job. I had been wondering if her left hind leg lameness might be due to kidney issues. Her pee was perfect so no kidney concerns, no sludge, yay! And she seemed shocked that I seemed grateful and even groomed her butt a little. She was starting to have some cecals stick to her fur but I pulled most of them out with my fingers. Sudden realization that I'm trying to help her dawned on this cute face. She goes in for rads and more blood work later this week. Pain meds are helping though, yay! #seniorbunny #seniorbuns #bunnysanctuary #bunnylove #brighteyessanctuary #adoptdontshop #bunniesworldwide #bunnyrescue #rabbitrescue #canuseemywill2be

Looking her age here with breathing hard but at least with the proper pain control, Prairie is once again grooming herself. I barely had to groom her as she's already done most of that. She is such an elderly sweet darling. She came here in 4/08 and bore 4 boys. One didn't live to adulthood while the other three were all adopted to stellar homes but have sadly, now all passed on as well as their father, also adopted. Mother Prairie is the only survivor of her line. What a wealth of knowledge have I learned from this wonderful rabbit lady! #adoptdontshop #brighteyessanctuary #houserabbits #rabbitrescue #rabbitsrule #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #bunnymama #bunnylady #bunnystagram

Cecil pig poses with the plush toy made to honor his namesake, Cecil the Lion 🦁 killed by a dentist. Like the lion, the pig also has a black mane. Cecil pig's feet are looking better and his special meds haven't even come in yet. He's still being a model patient but Papa hoomin reported that he did make some bubbles in the soak water today - how adorable 🐹🦁#guineapig #guineapigsofinstagram #guineapigrescue #guineapigcare #sorehock #adoptdontshop #cecilthelion #brighteyessanctuary

Beautiful Moonstone is now 9 years old and although the vet found nothing wrong with her at her last exam only 10 days ago, she is actually lame in her left hind foot. I guess her blood work was OK and she will probably have more soon but for now she is on pain medicine twice a day to see if that helps. And I will give her a little bit of physical therapy twice a day as well which I started today and she was very interested in it. She's keeping herself perfectly groomed and clean or she is probably having a lot of help from her husbun, Latté. She tries to cover up the fact that she can't hop but alas, I spy on her with the camera 24/7. Isn't she beautiful? #bunnysanctuary #rabbitrescue #rabbitsrule #houserabbits #9yearsold #adoptdontshop #canuseemywill2be #brighteyessanctuary

Well I would venture to say that Eddie Rabbitt the lionhead and Ashley the 11 year old minirex are now solid friends. Ashley even lets Eddie chew on hay that is sticking out of his mouth! Ashley is famous for having about ten leaves of hay in his mouth. So why not? Happy Friday all! #bunnylove #11yearsold #seniorbunny #seniorbuns #minirex #houserabbits #adoptdontshop #rabbitrescue #rabbitsrule #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #brighteyessanctuary

Photography is to paint with light. Pet photography is to paint with light and fur and motion or stillness. Then there is Eddie who paints himself, really we should call him Eddie Renoir. Did you know Auguste Renoir had one of the very first photography studios? His progeny carry it on. #bunnylove #bunnysanctuary #bunnyrescue #lionheadbunny #lionheadrabbit #bunnyphotography #rabbitphotography #rabbitphotog #bunnypainting #adoptdontshop #houserabbits #brighteyesalive #brighteyessanctuary #dreamybunny

The McWaddles are back for the fourth year in a row! But their son appears to finally have launched or gone off on his own. It's so good to see them again! I can't believe we have ducks! #brighteyessanctuary #ducks #animalsanctuary #savetrees #savenature #saveearth #saveanimals #savehabitat

Just rockin n rollin with Eddie Rabbitt and Capn Ashley tonight tryin to chill. All eyes are on Elvis' 68 Comeback special. Mama hoomin gets to paint the town red tomorrow so it's gonna be busy. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words about this latest Running Bun Magazine issue! It means so much to this ol' rocknroller! #houserabbits #rabbitrescue #rescuerabbits #rockerrabbits #elvisparsley #runbunmag #eddierabbit #brighteyessanctuary #ashleywilkesbun

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was wiggling, not even bunny butts.
The willow balls were all hung from the hay bins with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there. Whether hare or rabbit, snuggled up with their pals, bunnies and piggies, kitties and dad. When up on the rooftop, a scuffle was heard, of pattering paws and mysterious sounds! Was it Santa and Rudolph or lingering birds? Like owls or big hawks or gangs of wild squirrels? When out from the chimney, a mighty voice boomed, the macaw like a trumpet, asking for food. Then suddenly hoomins appeared with full bins, of holiday treats, cawwots and wheets!! of guinea pig prims. All was well within sanctuary walls, the residents happily trembled while filling their craws, with sweet winter delicacies and Yuletide pralines. And Mama and Papa hoomins settled in, for a long winter's nap, knowing many little souls would sleep without fear, for Bright Eyes Sanctuary is the place they're held dear. Good night to all innocents and binkying dreams, but this is only possible with donated means. So please give generously and their voices will sing!!! #happyholidays #philanthropy
#BrightEyesSanctuary #sanctuarybunny #seniorbuns #17yrs #rabbitsofinstagram #Josephine17yrs #JosephinetheChinchillaQueen #josephinequeenoflapines #rescuerabbits #rabbitrescue #reverenceforlife

My Queen Josephine's paw print arrived finally along with her fur. They didn't do a great job with her paw print but you can see her little toenails' impressions. Her little paw was as small as a sunflower seed. Now she's in the round purple box with her little crown on top. Her fur is in the plastic bag. I have some of her extracted teeth in a jar also.
So this is it. My little hero of so many years is in a better place. I tried to give her the best of everything while she was here. I love you so much Josephine my moonstone tinsel chinchilla queen! I will see you again. But not yet.
#josephinethechinchillaqueen #moonstonetinsel #18yearsold #nethies #dwarfrabbit #houserabbit #rabbitrescue #rescuerabbit #BrightEyesSanctuary

And here's something I haven't seen in at least three years. Casper and Strawberry enjoying being in the loving presence of the other. Caspy tenderly grooms fur out of her eyes. She's shedding so heavy, her eyes just water all the time. Unless a husbun licks your eyes very tenderly. #sentienceiseverywhere #adoptdontshop #brighteyessanctuary #rebonding #bunnybonding

Casper #NZW was an escapee found stray in Montgomery County, Maryland. He's 6 years old and just a big adorable sweetheart. He's streaming live right now on meShare.com !! Download the app, spread the word! Give us a like and a comment 😘😘😘thank you!
#bunnycam #brighteyessanctuary #brighteyesalive #adoptdontshop

The Tribe of Bunnai lost a most beloved Honorary Member. Queen Josephine who was older than most bunnies when Antimony and Cadmium was born, was helped over to her next journey Friday, August 12th. She was over 18 years old. She lived a senior life full of love, and was cared for and adored by her hoomans.

If Josephine could talk, I think she would say "remind hoomans how long we can live if cared for, and how strongly we want that life with love and safety. Nothing innocent is intend to live in a pen, ignored for years and years." Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Josephine. Go to the light that loves you <3

#moonstonetinsel #queenjosephine #brighteyessanctuary #adoptdontshop #rabbitsofinstagram #seniorbunnies #houserabbit

Happy 17th birthday to Spartacus Macaw! This once traumatized bird who came here utterly phobic is now the best behaved macaw we have ever heard of anywhere!

#july4th #17yearsold #macaw #b&;gmacaw #parrotrescue #brighteyessanctuary

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