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I honestly have multiple times a day where I am snuggling both of my kids and my heart can’t comprehend that they are mine. What an absolute privilege it is to be called “mom.” As tiring, trying, testing, and refining as it is, I never wish my life to be how it was before they were in it. My heart has expanded more than I thought possible. God is a miracle working God!
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Someone’s FABULOOUS! 💛💛 #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

My littlest smush is 4 months old today! She is truly a delight to our family, and especially my mama heart 💕. She is a true mommy’s girl, and also loves a good snuggle sesh with her daddy and brother! Her smile and perfect little voice are shining through more and more each day, and she is STRONG. I can’t believe she’s been in my arms for 4 months already! She is so much FUN! (Now if she could just take a bottle 🤣). #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

My blue-eyed girl 😍😘. #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

I call this “the baby bicep curl, leg lift combo.” Orrrrr Brighten just being super dang cute and wiggly in her workout attire 🤗. #brightenvideooftheday #brightenlynnetriola

The “4th trimester” is officially over! I have a 3 month old! Brighten Lynne is the sweetest, feistiest, snuggliest mamas girl and I’m so thankful to be on another journey of mama-hood. I’ve learned a ton about myself these past months. I have splurged on food (mostly nourishing, some not-so-nourishing 😝) and rested as much as I could. I’ve worked out hard and taken 5 day breaks. I’ve listened to my body, and also pushed too hard. I’ve drank waaaaay too much wine (hello newborn mama land!) and gained weight. So the start of the year is about modifying my food choices for cleaner eating, drinking way less wine (and tons more water!), and working out consistently—but also giving my body time to heal when needed. I’ll be posting transformation photos at the end of the month (currently on day 9 of a 28 day detox 🙌). And for now, wholly mama is practicing what I preach! Here’s to a healthy, wholesome New Year and TONS of baby snuggles 🥂. •

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I can’t believe she’s 3 months old tomorrow. What a whirlwind of a beautiful newborn season. I feel like I am learning life all over again. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. No wonder we all need so many naps! 💕 #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

Oh ok, Brighten. Just go steal my heart AGAIN why don’t ya?! #myfirstchristmas #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

These two sure LOVE each other! It is so sweet that they have a bond even at this early stage of sibling-hood. 😍😍😍 #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday #bannerthomastriola #bannerphotooftheday #bannerandbrighten

My happy princess girl. She has been so content today! 🙌😍💕💕💕 #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

Little baby love is 2 months today! It’s so crazy how time is slipping through my fingers even while I’m trying to hold on so tight. Brighten, you are a delight! You are so smiley and talkative, and your cry is quite demanding! You only get upset if you need something, and your snuggles are THE. SWEETEST. Mommy knows what your tummy doesn’t like now, which has made life way easier for us all! Thanks for your cuteness! You have meshed quite well into our little family operation.
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My cheeks are a little more round, my eyes are a little more puffy, and my heart is WAY more full with this little baby girl being part of my life now. She is the most precious! #sleeptrainingishardwhenthisishowshesleeps #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

This smushy baby love is 7 weeks old already! I sure love love love her. She is so snuggly, so talkative, and so smiley! She’s sleeping 12 hours a night...KIDDING...but she is doing so well at life! I’m so happy to be her mama. 💕 #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

My heart is undone every time you smile at me, Brighten Lynne! #brightenphotooftheday #brightenlynnetriola 📷: @brandontriola

If you’re happy and you know it raise your hand! 🙋‍♀️
#brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

This lil cutie is almost 6 weeks already 🙈. So thankful for Rachel from #nashvilledoulaservices who helped tremendously in bringing Brighten into the world! Her counter pressure on my back during contractions was a game changer, and her words while I was pushing brought intention to my thoughts and breathing! Thank you, Rachel! (And thank you @nashvilledoulaservices for the adorable onesie!) #brightenlynnetriola #brightenphotooftheday

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