Oomph factor so high, you have to wear a hat to stop it from oozing out of you and sunglasses to stop it from blinding you.

Have you ordered yourself a dose of Oomph factor?

We almost squealed with joy when Zoe’s mum sent us this picture and told us how much she loved our bright dresses. Thanks for sharing it with us @iveeee.g ❤️

Added this to Paul’s arm. Thanks mate. @third_eye_tattoo for bookings dm or email.

@tinamarabito_tattoo ‘s dapper banana tattoo from her anthropomorphic fruit and veggies artwork! 🍌🎀#poppycocktattoo #tinamarabito

Another walk in done @bombshelltattoo, drawn while you wait.

No you, no us.... EXCELSIOR!

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