Had so much fun with this one, if anyone else wants a bad ass medieval weapon hit me up! 🖤

lil filler fan for @kristinabanks.hair thanks again lady!!

Tats I wanna make 4 u. Top left is spoken for. But if you want things similar in nature, I'm always happy to oblige. DM or email for appointments

Hope y’all had a good weekend, I painted a bit! All designs available for tattoo. #traditionaltattoos #tattooflash #oldlines #bright_and_bold #heavybackpain

Here is the last tattoo I got to do in MS, I would like to take a moment and thank all my clients and followers for supporting me thru these past years! You have all been so amazing!

Also I need to thank the amazing tattooers that took the time to help me! @lowtide_timmah homie you the Beast, thank you for sticking by and showing me the ropes! @joshuahankinstattoo thanks my man for always being a sounding board and telling me how it is ( He don’t sugar coat shit!!) @crazysteviewells even though you don’t live here in MS I couldn’t have gotten here with out you! @condortattoos bro you know!!! Love you dog!! @mattsteblytattoos thanks for being a stand up guy and listening and answering all my question!! @m_widastattoos homie you where the first tattooer that gave me the time of day thanks for being rad my man!!! @bloodbrush bro that trick you told saved my line work!!! @kinglorin dude your the real ness and I tell every one I hope to be as good as you some day!!! And last but most important @themotherofbostons baby thank you! You have supported this since day one your my biggest fan and greatest client, I love you!

Mississippi I’ll be back wish me luck in California hopefully I find a new TAT home soon.

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Muito obrigado Leandro @madalena.tbs ♥💛💚

This was a better photo lol. Sailor Jerry designs all day every day 🖤

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